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Infinity Luxury Chauffeur, treat yourself to the luxury of having a private chauffeur

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas mais Infinity Luxe Chauffeur peut aussi s’occuper de tous vos trajets à l’international (hors Europe). Algérie, Brésil, Chine ou encore Thaïlande, nous pouvons envoyer un véhicule vous chercher à l’aéroport de votre choix. Quand on se retrouve dans un pays que l’on ne connait pas, il est difficile de trouver quelqu’un qui pourra nous servir de chauffeur. C’est pour cela qu’Infinity Luxe Chauffeur a décidé d’intervenir aux quatre coins du monde afin de vous offrir un service de qualité. Tous nos chauffeurs sont expérimentés et bilingues, par conséquent, quelle que soit votre langue, le chauffeur sera capable de s’exprimer avec vous en français ou en anglais, ce qui garantit une meilleure compréhension lors des trajets. Par ailleurs, sachez que tous nos véhicules sont équipés de tablettes, de boissons ainsi que du Wi-Fi, de cette manière, vous aurez tout le confort...


Things to do in Krabi

Do you really want to enjoy your Krabi trip? If yes, then rent car Krabi through affordable and economical car rental service provider. You can explore densely forested regions and beautiful beaches with airport car rental. You should go for the option of rent car Krabi airport to make your Krabi trip enjoyable. Krabi is an amazing place that is located near Krabi River. This is a small and beautiful town of Thailand. It offers lots of places to enjoy such as various small islands, beach, national parks and much more. Krabi has lot to offer and attract tourist group from all across the globe.   ...


Safety Tips You Should Know About an African Safari

Are you planning South Africa Safari Tours? Is this your first South Africa safari trip?  No doubt, South Africa is an amazing place and it’s a bucket list vacation for many people, but you should be careful while on Safari trips. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some safety tips that may be very helpful for you.     Don’t Startle Anyone;   Keep yourself at a distance from wild animals and keep your voice down while visiting in national parks. You should not use a flash on your camera and you need not to be too close to any wild animal as it may be dangerous for you.    Stay Inside your Vehicle:   When you drive in Kruger National Park in South Africa, You should be very careful. You should stay in your Jeep or vehicle as wild animals see the Jeep as one large thing. They don’t associate your vehicle with foot or humans. You should never separate yourself from your vehicle and don’t step out of it. Go with skilled guys:   ...


Visit Klong Muang to make your holiday memorable

Are you looking for an amazing beach that offers each and everything that you need for a rocking beach holiday?  If yes, then Klong Muang Beach can be the perfect choice for you. It is located near Krabi airport. Klong Muang is 45 minutes drive from Krabi airport. It is very easy to book a car or rent car Klong Muang. You can opt for this option as it helps you enjoy your Klong Muang trip without any hassle.       You can find lots of service provider who provide you facility of rent car Krabi airport and rent car Krabi. You can have your car on airport that helps you reach Klong Muang conveniently and on time. There are various benefits of hiring car as you get your own vehicle at your required location. What would be more convenient than facility to hire cars from airport? You can also look for lots of other transport options but hiring car may be the most suitable and economic choice.   Klong Muang beach is few minutes by car from popular places in Krabi. This is an amazing site that offers sweeping and astonishing sea views, tranquility, a white sand...


Things to consider before hiring Minibus in London

Do you need to transport 8-30 people? Are you looking for the safe transport mode in London? If yes, then Minibus London can be the best option to opt for. It can be the best way to transport 8 to 30 people safely from one location to another. Sometimes people hire minivan or bus, but these cannot be suitable mode of transport for 8-30 people. Minivan may be too small or bus may be too big in this case. Minibus can be the perfect choice for transporting people. Renting a minibus, either to drive yourself or with professional driver can be a viable option. If you are considering hiring a minibus in London, allow yourself as much time as possible to research, plan and reserve it as you have to consider lots of factors apart from cost. First of all, you need to research on minibus rental and providers in major areas like Kent, Bexleyheath and much more. You should compare the available minibus service provides, prices, terms and conditions and other charges. You should look various factors in a minibus including availability of sufficient luggage space, AC and other luxuries. You should...