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How to keep home a healthier place for you

Many people suffer from allergic problems that may arise from air pollutants. If you are looking to clean your air and environment, then you should look for the air filters. What is air filter? This is a device that is designed to remove solid particulates from the air. This is composed of fibrous material to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and mould from environment. How does it work? Air filter contains catalyst or an absorbent to remove gaseous pollutants and odors to improve the quality of air. Where air filters are used? These are basically used where quality of air is very important such as in engines and building ventilation system.     How frequently should you change your AC air filter? Many people find it difficult to secure their AC and heating systems in different seasons. This can be done easily with the help of air filter. You should change AC air filter and heating air filter too. Changing furnace air filter is important as it maintain the proper performance or function of HVAC system. You should know how often change furnace air...