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Last-minute tax planning: 5 Smart ways to save on your taxes

Tax saving is very important for salaried employees. Though, it is our duty to pay income tax, but if the tax deduction accounts to large amount, then we must go for various options for tax saving. Most of us are not aware of the amount of money being deducted as TDS. We come to know this by the end of financial year. But, at this point of time, we do not have enough time to research about any investment tool.  Tax return online   Here in this article, we will suggest you few of the well tested and beneficial investment options, which will help you in saving your tax.   1. Go for ELSS Fund   You can purchase an ELSS fund as it is the best short term investment option. The amount invested is entirely exempted and you get the returns in 3 years. You can invest up to Rs. 1.5 lakh (maximum amount that can be invested under 80C).   2. NPS   NPS stands for national pension Scheme. It is the best option for those whose income is more than rs. 10 Lakh per year. If you opt for NPS, then you will have to invest at least Rs. 6000 per year. You can also...


File taxes online for free and get your greatest discount— guaranteed.

Free Online Tax Filing experience was designed by tax expert specialists, to ensure that even the most straightforward duty circumstances are taken care of precisely as they ought to be: correctly and with an individual touch.   With Free Online Tax Filing,… we'll take in somewhat about you—regardless of whether you're single or wedded, have children or not, and what your salary was for the current year—then, we'll manage you down the way the truth is out for you. En route, we'll ensure you get each conclusion and credit accessible, and that you see each progression of free expense documenting.     Free Online Tax Filing – Item Highlights:   Snap a photo of your W-2, transfer it and voila! We'll put the majority of your data where it should be so you can begin your free duty readiness.   Free, Programmed Import   It's less demanding than at any other time to change to the square and import a year ago's arrival from whatever other assessment prep benefit. That incorporates your W-2, 1099, 1095-An—all the way.   ...