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DH Customs Broker - 加拿大DH报关行-专业进出口报关服务 清关服务

专业进出口报关,卡车服务。加拿大正规报关行, Licensed Customs Broker。公司分布多伦多,温哥华,蒙特利尔,卡尔加里,埃德蒙顿,温尼伯,哈利法克斯。 电子邮箱 美加卡车24小时报关服务, 加拿大全境清关服务。 多伦多报关 食品报关,如蔬菜,水果,甜点,面食。 电器报关,如空调,排风扇,发动机。 五金报关,如钳子,钉子。 家具报关,如沙发,柜子。 ...


DH Customs Broker - Who we are

“Clear shipment for your trust” What Can A Customs Clearance Service Do For You? Importers as well as exporters alike find it very important to have customs brokers or also known as Licensed Customs Brokers when it comes to the overseas transport of goods. This process will make sure that the process of getting approval from following government agencies will be as smooth and hassle free as possible when it comes to importing goods from another country and exporting it to the next. Customs brokers Toronto So getting a customs clearance service will allow you to have the expert on this calculate your taxes, client excises, duties, and transportation fees all in all. It is the Canadian customs broker's job to communicate with the government representatives of national or international counties on behalf of course of the importer and exporter that they are working for in order complete the formalities involved that would soon clear out the shipment. There are various types of customs clearance service that one could choose from, some have specialties in the service they do...