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Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage

Pollution is the major problem of every country and everyone is facing the adverse effects of pollution in terms of health, cleanliness and hygiene. It may occur in any form like contaminated water, polluted soli, noise, polluted air and Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage and many more. All the forms of pollution are the harmful but water  pollution create many adverse affect on health. Contamination of lakes, ocean, waters, groundwater and aquifers can be takes place due to discharging industrial waste, non biodegradable product and sewage. Water pollution causes environmental degradation. Pollutants discharge in water bodies directly or indirectly without treatment can cause a big harm to environment. Harmful compounds and chemicals in water can be dangerous for human health and it impart bad affects in various terms.   ‚Äč   Polluted water is also not good for aquatic and marine animals and can be the cause of their destruction. Groundwater contamination may be very dangerous as it occurs when pollutants release to ground and make its way down...


How does water pollution affect the environment?

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as groundwater, river, lakes, oceans and many more. This contamination can be the main cause of environmental degradation. Water pollution causes environmental degradation by various means. Many pollutants discharge in water bodies directly or indirectly and cause water pollution. Untreated sewage is considered as the major source of water pollution and this is the largest source of water pollution in many countries. Other water pollutants may include agricultural runoff and pollutants by industries. It may occur by much mechanism but normally it is caused by dumping sewage and industrial wastage into the water bodies. These are the toxic pollutants that are also come from the toxic substances used in agriculture and runs off into water bodies. There are billings of people in this world and they dispose sewage waste in water and this is the major problem of the environmental pollution. Nowadays peopledont even have access to drink safe water. Many people dnt have proper and hygienic toilet facilities and sanitization and...