Some Important Facts And Myths About CPR


Some important facts and myths about CPR

Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation is a very important basic life-saving skill that everybody should learn. Every year there are millions of people who die out of choking because they didn’t have anyone nearby who could try to help them through CPR. The CPR Lake Forest CA education hub has reported that even after creating so much awareness about the importance of CPR education there still exist some people who are skeptical about it. More than being skeptical there are some rumors and myths about the CPR procedure which need to be clear. Let’s discuss a few of them:


CPR always saves a life: People think that performing CPR would always save a person’s life with cardiac arrest outside the hospital which is not true. The chances of survival are increased if CPR is performed but if it is not done, the chances of survival become zero. So it has always been advised to take the CPR Classes Lake Forest CA for learning the correct aspects about the procedure.

Legal action can be taken against you: Most people think that they might cause injury to the victim while trying to help them through CPR. Well, to be honest, that’s true you might make mistakes but that does not entitle anyone to take any kind of legal action against you. The “Good Samaritan” law is already out for almost a decade so that you can’t be harmed legally.

CPR certification is not that important: The CPR Certification Lake Forest CA centers receive many inquiries about the CPR certification courses but then very few go for it. People think that they will never require performing CPR in their life. It’s not true. Although the chances of performing CPR in a lifetime are very low it’s not absolutely zero. You might come across a person who has choked anytime and just imagine if you have knowledge of CPR you might be able to help him unless he reaches the nearest hospital. Little efforts can save someone’s life.


Already took a CPR certification long back: There are many people who have taken the certification courses of basic life skills and first aid which also includes CPR certification. But as we all know that there are new inventions and updates every now and then in the healthcare industry so is the case with CPR. The American Heart Association (AHA) keeps updating the rules regarding the CPR procedure every five years.

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CPR can be performed only in adults: The BLS Lake Forest CA centers have reported that CPR is one of the most important basic life-saving skills and it can be done for both adults and also kids. Although the chances of cardiac arrest are very low in children there are chances of accidents and choking. If choking or accident is found in children the parents only can perform CPR until they the hospital for further treatment.

Now there are enough valid points and reasons which convey that we all must go for CPR certification courses and prepare ourselves for an emergency. Knowing something like this and saving someone’s life would be a great gesture.  


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