How CPR Certification In Imperial Valley CA Increases The Survival Rate Of Heart Patients


How CPR Certification in Imperial Valley CA Increases the Survival Rate of Heart Patients

Today, a large number of institutes in California impart quality CPR training with the American Heart Association. The main objective behind organizing CPR classes in Imperial Valley CA is to create awareness and boost confidence to perform various types of emergency response practices.


Overview of CPR

CPR is the abbreviated form of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and it is an emergency-based procedure to save the life of an individual. CPR in Imperial Valley CA is recommendable whenever the breathing or heartbeat of a person stops suddenly. A major problem with sudden cardiac arrest or heartbeat stop is that it causes brain damage that too within only a few minutes. Luckily, if a person knows the way to perform CPR, he/she may avoid the situation of brain damage and save the lives of people up to the arrival of medical professionals.




Key Facts on CPR

CPR involves rescue breathing to provide enough amount of oxygen to the lungs of a patient. It also involves chest compression to maintain the flow of oxygen-rich blood until and unless the breathing and heartbeat of a person restore normally. Indeed, one can perform or practice CPR only by acquiring proper training followed by CPR Certification in Imperial Valley CA, and other Californian cities. The reason is that CPR practice varies significantly in infants, children, and adults.


Why One Should Learn CPR

Learning of cardiopulmonary resuscitation under First Aid Certification in Imperial Valley CA is beneficial based on the following reasons-


Most of the Deaths Occurred in the USA because of Heart Disease

If you look at the reports highlighted by the CDC, you will know that heart disease and/or cardiac arrest are the primary causes of death in different areas of the United States of America. The statistics even claimed the lives of about 6lacs people in one year. Besides, the AHA report highlights that most of the cardiac arrests occur out of the hospital.




In this situation, if you have training in CPR or BLS in Imperial Valley CA, you may prompt CPR treatment to a person suffering from cardiac arrest for the time he/she fetched to a nearby hospital. Thus, with CPR and basic life support, you may increase the chance of an individual’s survival dramatically.


Everyone Can Learn CPR

An interesting aspect of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and BLS Certification Imperial Valley CA is that you may acquire it even when you are not a doctor or medical practitioner. Even with the right training, you no longer feel helpless in the case of a cardiac emergency. Instead, you gain enough knowledge and expertise to administer BLS effectively.


Let You Save the Life of Your Loved One

A majority of heart problems or cardiac arrests take place at home. Moreover, many sudden cardiac arrest victims stay healthy that too without any risk factor or known heart disease. Positively, prompt BLS and CPR can save the life of your loved one.

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Avoid the Condition of Brain Death

Brain death takes place just after four minutes to six minutes of the heart stops breathing. CPR makes sure of the proper flow of blood and provides enough oxygen to the human brain and its other vital organs. Thus, sudden cardiac arrest victims get a better chance to achieve complete recovery. The probability of survival of a heart disease patient increases by about 2 times if he or she gets CPR within only two or three minutes of cardiac arrest.

Therefore, CPR training and certification have proved to enhance the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients when given in the right way and in no time.


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