Buy Color Changing Powder At Affordable Price


Buy color changing powder at affordable price

Photochromic pigment is a specialized designed powder to change color when subjected to a UV light, but reacts finest to route sunlight. White or anemic when not exposed to sunshine.


Every one of our photochromic pigments are enveloped meaning they can be made use of to make photochromic paint, material, epoxy, inks, water based mediums, plastic, gels, acrylic and far more without ending up being damaged or drying the tool.


We provide the biggest selection of phosphorescent glow in the dark powder on the marketplace. Store the brightest, most distinct and also rare photo luminous pigment. Our glow powders are likewise UV and also black light reactive. We make every effort to only market the finest quality product at the best price.


Get Eco-friendly, non-toxic picture luminescent items at a competitive rate. We currently also bring color changing photochromic and thermochromic pigment. Photochromic Pigment is a specialty designed powder to transform shade when subjected to a UV light, yet reacts best to guide sunshine. White or anemic when not exposed to sunlight.



Every one of our photochromic pigments are encapsulated meaning they can be made use of to make photochromic paint, material, epoxy, inks, water based tools, plastic, gels, acrylic and also much more without becoming harmed or drying the medium. Mix yellow photochromic pigment with blue tinted paint to create a light blue paint that turns green when exposed to sunlight! Color mixes like these are countless with photochromic pigment!


Photochromic Pigment are photochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They are specifically designed for use in non-aqueous based ink systems, although their use is not limited to this. They can be used to formulate non aqueous based Flexographic, UV, Screen, Offset, Epoxy, and Gravure ink formulations (for aqueous applications we would recommend using a photochromic slurry). Photochromic powders are colorless in their inactivated state and become color when exposed to an ultraviolet light source. We are providing Photochromic Pigments. The offered photochromic pigments are absorbing energy and change color in the presence of ultraviolet. Our quality controllers, check these photochromic pigments on numerous defined parameters. The offered photochromic pigments are suitable to be printed on various kinds of materials.


Our products have verified themselves as the brightest, most resilient, and also most safe on the market today. We additionally sell a selection of tools as well as tools as well as resin, epoxy that have actually been evaluated and also verified to work best with our pigments as well as paints. We are a one stop buy your entire glow in the dark as well as shade transforming requirements.


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