Variations In Audi Wheels That You Should Know


Variations in Audi Wheels That You Should Know

Wheels and tyres are equally important for proper running of a vehicle. If any one of them has a problem, the whole vehicle is bound to feel the effects. So it is very important to choose proper wheels as well as tyres.

If you are one of those classy Audi car owners and you are looking for help in choosing the right wheels for your car, this is the right place. It can be a tough choice without guidance. 

What are Alloy Wheels?

These days alloy wheels are in trend and very useful too. Alloy wheels are usually made of aluminium or magnesium alloys. Alloys are made by mixing metal with other elements and are non-ferrous in origin. These alloy wheels uk are stronger than the metal wheels as pure metal tends to break off faster. On the other hand, alloy wheels are stronger, lighter, better looking and conducts heat way better than the metal wheels.

Choose Right Rims

It happens that your high-quality premium tyres attached to your Audi are in good shape but you are tired of the look of your wheels. Sometimes, you might just feel like your car needs new rims to get back its shiny look. Whatever be the reason, purchasing audi alloy wheels need sufficient research.

Since wheels can be really expensive, you need to be certain about the purpose of your purchase. There are a number of options for you in wheels. If you are concerned about robustness more than anything, steel wheels are the right kind. If you are in need of high-performance, your options are a little different. So choose the requirement first and then go wheel shopping.

Audi Wheel Rims

Some of the good options for your car are mentioned below.

Cast aluminium wheel in 5-arm cavo design: This wheel is budget friendly and gives impressive performance. It is good for dry season and not meant for winter use. But its durability in terms of looks is not that good.

Cast aluminium wheel in 5-arm carabus design: This is a reverse wheel. Along with good looks, it offers great dynamics. It is usable in the summer and is economic too. 

Cast aluminium wheel in 5-arm latus design: This wheel catches the eye in an instant and is extremely stylish. This also has an affordable price. It is suggested to use this in summer and not during winter.

Cast aluminium wheel in 5-arm avius design: This wheel has an attractive design and gives strong support to the tyres which helps in enhancing the performance of the complete wheel.

Professional Help

To make any kind of purchase you need a proper guidance. Otherwise buying a wheel or tyre from anywhere and without knowing about it completely can trouble you later. That’s why you should always consult a technically skilled personnel before purchase. Elite Wheels & Tyres provides you with such professional help and an extensive range of collection of wheels. We are just a call away.


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