Family Tree Maker 2019 Support


Family tree maker 2019 support

family tree maker 2019 release dates details:

Almost all the users are curious about the release for FTM 2019 update; here down below we got some conspicuous news regarding the ftm 2019 download as follow:

In case customers are using the previous version of family tree maker (Ftm 2017)?

All those customers who previously owned FTM (2017 edition) are permitted and entitled for having family tree maker 2019 upgrade.

 Only if users already made their purchase for a previous edition of family tree maker 2017 they have the authorization to family tree maker 2019 upgrade with ease and if not , in that case users are first required to purchase the family tree maker 2017 online over the Mackiev official website.  

What is the necessity for the users to go from family tree maker 2017 to family tree maker 2019 upgrade?


As users at present are getting the option to FTM 2019 upgrade from the previous edition, which they should not miss. As preliminary in the situation of family tree maker 2014, Mackiev discontinued upgrading the previous edition of their program. Mackiev discounted Family tree maker 2014 tie-up by ancestry and many users were influenced as none of the users were able to fully utilize the features there after. Not only the benefits of upgrade feature, users are also getting quality discounted rates for purchasing the update. Users may continue using FTM 2017 if they won’t appreciate to have the family tree maker 2019 upgrade.

What feature does the new family tree maker 2019 upgrade tree vault provide?

TreeVault is offered on zero cost inside the new edition of family tree maker 2019 upgrade. Users must use the benefits of this upgrade. After some time user may get in their mind that they require TreeVault, to get rid of that little query for months just get the family tree maker 2019 upgrade. In case users are already utilizing ancestry, then we suggest user may not require having the TreeVault feature but as mentioned earlier user may require the feature ahead in future circumstances.


The feature of TreeVault holds a back-up of their family tree maker program information and every detailed data. In case customers misplace their ftm program information. Users in no time with simple steps can restore each and every detail of their family tree maker data by the help of TreeVault service.

When was the launch for the family tree maker 2019 download

Over the official webpage of Mackiev the family tree maker 2019 upgrade program was released on 29 Sep 2019, as a 3rd decade  anniversary program

Family tree maker 2019 is a software by Mackiev. Many new features are introduced in FTM 2019 upgrade. To use the features, family tree maker users have to upgrade to family tree maker 2019. Here we have explained how to upgrade family tree maker software. With the FTM 2019 upgrade user will get many new advanced features that will help in making the tree more beautiful. Read the full article to know more about family tree maker 2019 software.

How to Upgrade FTM 2019 Software?

In this section, we have explained how to download, install and upgrade family tree maker 2019.

The first step will be to open the family tree maker upgrade page.

  1. Form & verification: Fill the details and then click on the blue “VERIFY USER” button.
  2. On getting the details verified, users will see a notification on the page “THANKYOU FOR THE PURCHASE”. User needs to press on “CONTINUE”. Now, the user will get three options on the web page for the family tree maker 2019 upgrade.

1- DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

2 — DVD+ DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

3 — USB+ DOWNLOAD family tree maker 2019

User already has an option to download and it’s up to users if they wish to add up DVD or USB also. After selecting the preferred option, the user needs to press the “NEXT” button.

  1. On to the following page, the user will get an optional license of family Pack. Just press the “SHOW DETAILS” option to read details regarding the Family Pack license.
  2. Following the 3rd step, the user will be guided to the “Gift Center” web page. Users are authorized to choose over the offers and add them to their orders. Press the” NEXT” button leading to the gift center, just press the” ORDER NOW” button.
  3. Now, the user just needs to fill up order information on to the following page, and press “NEXT”.
  4. Positively recheck before pressing the “COMPLETE ORDER” button on the web page, after filling order details. The web page includes a download link of FTM 2019 software (Windows as well as Mac) that will initiate the download for the installer. Users will also get the link for downloading the installer within the mail registered with FTM.

Installing Family Tree Maker 2019

After getting the installer file, just double click the file or right-click and press “open” and select the option as guided on the screen. Just after the complete installation user will see the fresh new icon “2019”.

Keynote: The FTM 2019 software installer file will also be there on the computer even after installing the software. Users are requested to press the FTM 2019 icon after installing the software.

(Windows users will have the icon by default on a desktop)

(Mac users will have the icon on Desktop or just below the Applications folder by default)

What is the family pack in FTM 2019?

A family pack is a new feature in family tree maker 2019 software. It allows multiple users to use the software.

Earlier MacKiev was charging 20$ for the same service.

Now, you are getting multiple users in the FTM 2019 software for free.

This is an optional service provided by the software, you can also buy Maureen Taylor’s E-book, it helps in keeping tree images safe.

Family Tree Maker 2019 features

Here are the key features of family tree maker 2019 software.

1: Family Tree Maker on Smartphones & Tablets– Now every change user made on the FTM 2019 software, users can see on smartphones and tablets.

2: FTM 2019 Color Coding– FTM 2019 comes with a better color-coding feature now.

3: — Family Tree Maker 2019 browsing (enhanced searched option). Easily browse your tree.

4: Cropping Tool– FTM 2019 software comes with a profile picture cropping tool. Users can put a person’s picture and crop it. It is easy to identify someone by just looking at their profile picture.

5: — Family Search Integration.

6: Tree Vault Cloud Services: — Mackiev is providing a year of free Tree Vault Cloud Service. Users can keep data safe and online. Now, in case if the user loses the data, it can be restored from the Tree Vault Cloud. Get a full backup of the data in FTM 2019 software. Tree Vault cloud also helps the user to see the family tree on a Smartphone and tablet.

7: Family Tree Maker Time Machine: — Family tree maker 2019 software introduces a new feature of the time machine. Users can save the records of changes made on FTM 2019. Users can also see the changes made with time and date. The time machine feature is only available in the FTM 2019 software.

7: Sync Weather — This feature in FTM 2019 software predicts the right time for you to connect your tree with

9: Sync progress report — It shows the number of people and media which are being synced in the FTM 2019. The previous version of the FTM 2019 software doesn’t have this feature.

10: Information Merging in Family Search — This feature in the software helps you to merge information in Family Search.

**11: FTM 2019 performance –**FTM upgrade has come with better performance.

Errors in Family Tree Maker 2019 software?

1: White label Error Page — Even if the user is entering the right information, the White label error page occurs.

2: Date & time — User may get date & time error even after entering the correct information. Make sure the date & time on your system is correct.

3: This application has no explicit mapping, so you are seeking the fallback.

4: There is a “not found” 404 error.

5: Query does not return a unique result.

Here are some tips for FTM 2019 users to fix the problems.

1: Try using the different computer — Many software is running in the background which may act as resistance for the software. Try using a different computer, it may help. The computer system does not have the required configuration required by the software.

2: Change browser — Change the browser you are using.

3: Antivirus — Try disabling your antivirus.

4: Clear browser history — Try clearing your browser history. It may be effective.

Family Tree Maker 2019 FAQ

The user just installed the family tree maker 2019 software, is there a need to keep the previous version?

Not required, once the user has updated to family tree maker 2019, they can positively delete the old version.

Is there a discount for the customer, who has an older version of the family tree maker software?

Indeed, all returning customers can upgrade to family tree maker 2019 at a discount. Users must be on the family tree maker mailing list for it.

Do users of family tree maker 2019 software enjoy the feature of different languages also?

A localized version of FTM is still under review. Customers can request the new version.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Charges?

Mackiev is offering a discount on booking family tree maker 2019 before 17th May 2019 midnight. As per their official announcement, 17th may 2019 will be the last date for the booking of family tree maker 2019.

Order information For FTM 2019

Users need to add or remove the product in their cart. Then hit on the “order now” tab to get your Family tree maker 2019 download link.

Users are requested to fill up order details and they will have a web link to download the file of the software.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Mac & Windows Connection Problem

With the FTM 2019 upgrade, Mac & windows users are facing connecting issues with

Kindly follow the given steps to resolve the connection problem.

Step 1: Reopen the software, if it is open.

Step 2: After opening the software, you will see a software upgrade notification.

Step 3: Click on the FTM software upgrade option.

Step 4: Now you will see the upgrade option for family tree maker software. Update the software as per guided on the screen.

Step 5: Sign in to your account.

Step 6: Now your software is connected to ancestry. The software upgrade is ready, you just need to select go online option.

For any issue related to Family Tree Maker 2019 Support. Call on our toll-free phone number.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Custom Report

In this section, you will learn how to make a family tree maker custom report. We have explained the process in steps.

Many default reports are available in family tree maker 2019 software but the custom reports help you to get the burial reports of the dead person. If you are making custom reports, then you must have the complete information of that person saved in your tree.

Detailed information like date of birth, date when the person was dead. Date when a person was buried and a description box where you need to fill the information about the person.

With the proper information about the person, you can make a complete report.

Here are the steps which a user needs to follow to create a custom report.

Step 1: Open family tree maker 2019 software.

Step 2: Now, the user needs to select the tree on which work needs to be done.

Step 3: Now, the user needs to click on “publish”.

Step 4: In this step, you can select all the facts which are needed to create the report.

Step 5: After selecting the facts, click “Okay”.

Step 6: Now, you have to select the person for whom you want to make the report. You will see the option to select an individual. Select the person for the custom report.

Step 7: Click on “All facts”. You will see a “search option”. In search, option choose the description field and burial facts. Make sure to have the proper information as that information will be used to make the custom reports.

Step 8: Select “contains”, then select cemetery and click okay. Now, the user will see the list of persons who are buried in the cemetery.

If you face any problem in making custom reports, you can contact us. We are a premium service provider for family tree maker 2019.

FTM 2019 Operating System Error

In this section, we will discuss the FTM 2019 operating system error.

If you are unable to open the family tree maker software and getting an error “cannot open this file”.

We have received queries from the family tree maker 2019 software users.

Here are the questions with answers which will help you.

Question: Do you have an account on Do you upload tree information to ancestry?

Answer: If you have an account in and have uploaded the tree information to ancestry. Then you can clear all the files in your tree. Now, download information from ancestry. You can download all your media and tree data through this method.

Question: Did you backup your family tree maker 2019 data to any external drive?

Answer: If you have the backup of your tree in an external drive then you can delete all the data of the tree from the computer. Now, the user needs to download the family tree maker from ancestry. In case, if you have not uploaded your FTM 2019 tree data in ancestry, then user need to upload the data first and then download the tree.

Question: Do you backup your family tree maker 2019 data manually?

Answer: If you have backup your tree data then delete all the existing tree data and then upload the data where you have saved it.

In case, if you are not able to solve the error, please contact our family tree maker 2019 support number.

Unable to Convert tree File on Windows

This problem may arise when you upgrade to family tree maker 2019. It can also happen in case the user has changed the location of the FTM 2019 file.

If you have your FTM 2019 data on the external hard disc, follow the instruction as follows: -

Press the windows and R key together. You will see a “RUN” box. To bring the hard drive type C:\ in the box.

The hard disc must be attached to the computer. If you are unable to find the hard disc, pull it and connect it.

Now find out that your FTM default location is still the same folder which the user was using before.

To check the default location, the user needs to open the family tree maker 2019 software. Now, click on the tool and select the options. Here, the user can see the default location.

Folders In read-only mode

Open the software and click on the document folder. After opening the document folder, you will see the family tree maker document folders. Now select the properties. Now, select the general tab which will bring you the attribute box.

You can check all the methods mentioned above. If these methods do not work for you, then you can contact us. We are a premium service provider for family tree maker 2019.

Merge Two Facts in Family Tree Maker 2019

In this article, we have explained how to merge two facts in the family tree. Users who are unable to merge two facts in the family tree will get help from this article.

Kindly follow the given steps to merge two facts in FTM.

Step 1: Open your family tree maker software.

Step 2: Now, select the tree on which you want to work.

Step 3: Users need to open the fact which has two or more facts.

Step 4: User needs to right-click on facts. Now, the user will get the option of merge duplicate facts.

Step 5: Now, two facts are merged.

Note: Before merging two facts, make sure you have read all the information as after merging the facts, the user will not be able to access the information.

If you are confused about how to select two facts that need to be merged then this example may help you. Suppose, a family tree member has two or more different information for the same value. The user needs to select the facts which need to be kept and which need to be merged.

For tree data security issues, a user needs to back up the data. In case if a user loses important information then it can be restored later.

In case, if you are unable to merge two facts in family tree maker 2019, then you can call our family tree maker 2019 support number. We are a premium service provider and are available 24*7.



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