Kyle Eastmond Stands Firm


Kyle Eastmond Stands Firm

Kyle Eastmond is an aggressive player who never hesitates in the game. The same is true for him when doing things off the Rugby field. When asked about his decision to sign a 3 year contract with Rugby Union club Bath, he still stands firm and says that he is happy with the decision and wouldn’t change it.

Eastmond has enjoyed a great fan following at St Helens and was expected to be Sean Long’s long term successor. Initially the fans showed their disappointment in him over his contract signing by booing him. Eastmond has grown up playing at St Helens and has gone from being a junior player to an England international. In February, following a home defeat by Warrington, he ran off the field and was heavily criticized for this move. When he was booed again, following a defeat to the Harlequins two weeks later, he responded by showing the V sign to the crowd. As expected, he was suspended for this act.

When it comes to leaving the club, he clearly has no regrets for the decision. According to him, he did the right thing by letting the club know beforehand that he would be leaving. This, he says, would help the club in finding a player to replace him. He thinks there is nothing he would want to change about this decision.

When it comes to showing the V sign to the fans, he issued an immediate apology. He admitted that it was wrong on his part. He went on to say that it was more of an emotional response, as his decision to move was what most players would have done, but he was getting undue thrashing for it. He also added that it was perhaps childish on his part. He has had to go through a lot this year and believes he has dealt with it in a good manner.

After the entire fiasco and his suspension, Eastmond is pleased with how things are shaping up. He feels that after getting back into the team, following a two month break, he is playing good rugby, and has a chance of playing in the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup. After St Helens coach, Royce Simmons, picked him again, he has missed only a single Super League match. If he delivers a performance which helps St Helens beat their arch rivals Wigan in the semis, then he might just end up winning the favour of the fans once again.



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