Bill Gates Biography


Bill Gates Biography





Date of Birth

28 October ,1955

Birth Place

Seattle , Washington , United State


Father Name

William H.Gates Sr.


Mother Name

Marry Maxwell Gates


Siblings Name

Krist Gates, Libbi Gates



melida Gates


1.77 m


Bill Gate is the Co-founder of Microsoft company that is the largest
software company in the world. Bill Gate is an American businessman and computer programmer. Bill Gates is one of the most
famous businesses who revolution personal computer. Starting
from 1987, he had too much interested in the computer when he studied in school and he wrote his first computer programme.
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After school completing is the school he admitted in Harvard college
but he did not continue his study. He had interested in the
computer so he stared his work on computer develop that is his
passion. He started his passion with his classmate friend Paul
Allen. Gates make a company that name is Microsoft he and his
friend that was stared. The company was going to very









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