Family Tree Maker 2019 Support


Family tree maker 2019 support

Family Tree Maker 2019 Upgrade


Procedure on how to buy and install the latest family tree maker 2019 program 

Mackiev has introduced an updated version of family tree maker 2019. All new and existing customers can have the new FTM 2019 download; for new user they can simply purchase on Mackiev official webpage and for the existing customers the older version could be remodeled to an updated version of family tree maker 2019. Still, in case users can’t clear their mind, 

What are the charges? is offering a discount on advance booking purchase slots for family tree maker 2019 made before 17th may 2019 mid night. As per their official announcement 17th may 2019 will be the last date for advance booking of FTM 2019 download. 


What is the procedure for advance booking of family tree maker 2019 program?

 Get to this link­čí¬ here to visit the webpage of Mackiev in order to read out the detailed procedure for advance booking of family tree maker 2019.

Once Mackiev webpage will be up

Users are suggested to hit on the first and foremost option for downloading family tree maker 2019 file right at that point, users will receive family tree maker 2019 download link by  Mackiev webpage via email.

In case users may want to choose the secondary option to get a DVD delivered to their house. 

Users also have a last option if they wish to download the family tree maker 2019 right away as well as get an extra option of USB Flash drive copy for their program in case of later assistance as a backup. 

When the users have chosen their desired option, they just need to hit on the “next” tab for further options.

There is one option named as “family pack” in family tree maker 2019. This facilitates multiple users to utilize the family tree maker 2019 as well as sync with ancestry in a single account in one specific location. 

Previously Mackiev use to charge $20 for the exact same facility. Users didn’t worry much about the price as they are worth the price the service provided by the family tree maker 2019 program. Then users just need hit on the “next” tab for next screen and further options.


As of now this service is free of cost now, user should consider selecting that option as well and hit on “next” tab to view the next page on family tree maker 2019 download webpage.


In case user do not want to purchase family tree maker 2019 (loads of users purchase as the family tree maker 2019 is simple to utilize in case they are having an assistance with chat support), they are request not to choose or highlight any tab and just hit on the next option.


This plug-in facilitates the users to generate a book. In case users wishes to have the family tree maker 2019 program, they are requested to choose and highlight option as per their interest and hit on next for the further option.


These services above are voluntary for the user; it’s up to the user if they wish to choose them. After that they just need to hit on “next” and will have a new display page over where they can buy Maureen Taylor’s Electronic book, this program provides security for their pictures.


The last option left is to make the order complete by hitting on the tab “order”.



Users are requested be clear that we aren’t advising the users to buy any software or program. It is a voluntary choice and responsibility of the user for buying any software or program offered as family tree maker 2019 by Mackiev or any other item. Then just hit on “next” tab and they need to fill up the order webpage information with price and product full details.

Placing order information details:


Users need to add or remove the software product in their cart details. Then hit on “order now” tab to get your Family tree maker 2019 program.


Users are requested to fill up order details and they will have a web link to download file of Family tree maker 2019 program as early as possibly accessible.



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