Drone Technology: How Will Drones Affect The Future?


Drone Technology: How Will Drones Affect the Future?

Drones are in huge demand whether it is from kids, photographers or any other person. None of us could resist enjoying this innovative technology. This tiny innovation is rapidly growing and could be seen in remote control airplanes, flying robots, cameras, etc. 


Yeah, it's sound too cool to integrate drone in different activities. But, do you all know we all are so busy playing it too cool that we have almost ignored the other side of this tech. You got it right. By saying another side I actually meant ‘dark side’. I know many of you would be wondering what cons this tiny gadget could have. Anyways, there is nothing to get surprised about. Each thing has both; pros and cons. In fact, the entire nature is balancing between the perspectives of positive and negative. 


Before we jump more into the details, let me remind you that there are several types of drones. Such as:

For civil and commercial use. 
The ones used to battlefield intelligence. 
Combating drones. 
Logistic drones.
Drones for research and development

All of these types are definitely different and its usage is diverse too. But, the thing which is similar is ‘negative and positive use’. In all of the types, drones are being used in both manners. If you are surprised to know that ‘civil and commercial’ type also falls under the negativity then yes, it does! Everywhere humans are having blissful or destructive experiences. 


Well, for your information, drone technology has few serious cons which could make some thoughtful effects in the future. Here, I will reveal some of the factual future effects which the drone will make in the future. Stay hooked! 


No more humans 

Yeah, you heard it accurately. In the future, you barely found humans (as a delivery man). Relax! I just meant that probably drones will making all those food deliveries and other online shopping deliveries instead of humans. Oh, I know this sounds like a wonderful idea to you and of course, it is. But, have you ever wondered that this initiative will occur as a barrier to many employment opportunities. 


Yes, many humans will get replaced with the technology and it doesn’t sound cool now. This will soon create employment issues for many individuals and the buying power will eventually get decrease. If people started losing jobs then surely they will lose their occupational status too. So, yes no occupation status directly leads to less buying power. If you are in this boundary then you must start looking for some other occupations (just for the safe side).  


Convenient war weapon 

At this moment, you might have heard a few times about drone attacks. Haven’t you? Well, in case if any of you haven’t heard about it then let me clear this to you. Apparently, many tricksters are using a drone for the attacks and are using a drone as a convenient war weapon. Like I mean how it couldn’t be convenient. Nothing on earth could be better than hitting on the exact target. Who likes missing the target? Of course, none of us. Be it any kind of target. 

Similarly, the target killers or war initiators are using this tiny gadget for war purposes. Who wondered that this amazing innovation of technology could turn into a disaster for many people?! Well, let me ware you all that in the future, the drone could transform into a proper war weapon because it provides a convenient way to hit the target accurately. 


Breaching privacy 

This is the best use one could ever have (not being sarcastic). Now, low budget filmmakers could easily capture the aerial shots without going all out from their comfort zones. Of course, this is the biggest benefit for filmmakers or photographers. If you are the filmmaker then I am sure that you must every time feel thankful because drones exist. 


How about the ones who are using it for irrelevant purposes? To open your eyes and to show you the cruel reality, let me tell you one of the worst things about the drone. It has found that many people are making irrelevant use of drone cameras. Must be wondering how? The reports claimed that privacy has been breached because many photographers or filmmakers are caught capturing individuals without their consent. Of course, this includes some private actions too. Now, what else we could expect in the future. 


False beliefs and conflicts 

In the department of research, drones are widely used. There many ways in which the drone benefit researchers. Like, reaching the areas which are completely inaccessible for the humans (of course, not the Mars, Venus or any other planets). On earth, there are several places that are out of reach for humans but could be accessed through the drone. 


But, the biggest flaw which has observed is that many researchers imposed or somehow made some false predictions. Unfortunately, we all couldn’t claim it either wrong or right because we have no access to that place. However, different researchers are in debate and assume that many of the researches collected through drone and some of the results are not presented as exact. This means we all might have believed something wrong. Now, these conflicts couldn’t get resolved because none of us have evidence. Keep arguing! 


Bottom line 

To mark a mid-line or to keep all of you on the same page, this could be assumed that the drone will equally make both; positive and negative impact. Although, on the safe side, we can say that the results completely depends on the way humans use technology. What we sow is what we get. If we kept using drones for evil purposed then surely we can only expect a dark future of drone technology. In case, if we focused more on the beneficial use then there are chances that we will have a more stable future with a drone. It all depends on how we toss or shape the future. 






The author of this master piece is Michell Starc. He is an expert Research Analyst who likes covering the niche of technology and its rapid innovation. Through his mind-blowing research skills, Starc also offers affordable essay writing services to students and assist learners by integrating his acquired commands on writing.


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