Bald tyres account for approximately a tenth of all the tyre-related mishaps across the United States, according to a survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA. Although other factors contribute to these incidents, if the indicator in your car conveys the need to replace a tyre, it is wise to pay heed to the cause and do it.

Dangers of driving with bald tyres

The dangers of driving with bald tyres Basingstoke are manifold. If the tyre tread depth is minimal, it might result in a tyre blowout as the faulty structure of the tyre becomes prone to punctures. Inflating a tyre with more pressure than the advised limit also heightens the possibility of a tyre burst. This can prove to be badly injurious or even fatal in some cases, for the passengers in the car.

Hydroplaning Risks

Traction resulting from the tread patterns on the surface of a tyre is also of paramount importance, more so in certain driving conditions than others. As an example, while driving on a wet track, how well the driver can manoeuvre the car and prevent it from going out of control depends on the depth of the treads as well as the pattern. Deeper the treads in the tyre more are the tyre’s capability to displace water from the road surface. This coupled with the pattern of the treads helps to reduce skidding of the car, which is formally known as hydroplaning. This is also applicable for roads covered with snow.

Excessive Heating

Much like the way water is seeped out through the treads of a tyre, the air is also something that channels through the patterns in the treads. Better circulation of air leads to minimum heat generation in the tyres even during longer periods of time driving.

A loss of pressure inside the tyres leads to malfunctioning of brakes, quicker wear of the tyres and ultimately bald tyres. It also affects the mileage of the car due to less than ideal fuel consumption.

Identifying a Bald Tyre

Most modern vehicles are equipped with indicators that help the car owner to understand when it’s time to replace or repair. The indicator is simply a band of rubber fitted across the tyre tread but is not visible when the tyre is new. As the tyre becomes used and undergoes gradual depletion in its condition, the indicator starts to become more and more visible. When it is visible rather clearly, it is believed to be the perfect time to start planning replacements.

There are rules, regulations and laws in place across countries that mandate the criteria to buy tyres. It can be the tread depth of the tyre or the visibility of the original tread pattern on the tyre. This vaguer the original pattern is with naked eyes, the closer is the time of replacement of the tyre. To some extent, it is also dependent on the weight of the vehicle in question. For instance, the rules are different for a lightweight two-wheeler and a heavyweight cargo pickup truck.


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