Houbara Bustard Bird -UAE Conversation | International Fund For Houbara Conservation


Houbara Bustard Bird -UAE Conversation | International Fund for Houbara Conservation

The Houbara Bustard Bird is observed in North Africa west of the Nile, in particular within the western part of the Sahara desolate tract vicinity in Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Some old records exist from Sudan as properly. A small populace is found within the Canary Islands. The Asian houbara or MacQueen's bustard which changed into in advance covered on this species occurs east of the Sinai Peninsula. The North African species is sedentary not like the migratory northern populations of MacQueen's bustards.

The International Fund for Houbara Conservation UAE is the global chief in Houbara bustard conservation. A global conservation strategy become developed and implemented during the last forty years with the goal of ensuring the species has a sustainable future in the wild via powerful and appropriate conservation programmes and management plans.The IHFC changed into created in 2006 to further the original programme via handling international belongings and securing partnerships across the variety of the houbara, which encourage sustainable practices to make certain the species’ conservation.



The Houbara conservation programme is supported by way of the authorities of Abu Dhabi. A multi-faceted Houbara conservation approach has installed breeding facilities inside the UAE (The National Avian Research Center and The Sheik Khalifa Houbara Breeding Center), Morocco (Emirates Center for Wildlife Propagation) and Kazakhstan (The Sheik Khalifa Houbara Breeding Center) to captive-breed Houbara and boom wild populations of the chicken in its natural habitat throughout complete species range. In 2019, the International Fund for Houbara Conservation bred 484,351 Houbara and released greater than 343,428 Houbara into the wild.

The International Foundation for Conservation and Development of Wildlife (IFCDW) is a major conservation and breeding challenge installed with budget from Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and based close to Agadir, Morocco. The centre releases captive bred populations to boost wild populace. Houbara Bustard Bird.


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