I'm Totally Free To Play And I Have Seen Noobs At All The Fantastic Places


I'm totally free to play and I have seen noobs at all the fantastic places

I'm totally free to RS3 gold play and I have seen noobs at all the fantastic places to train atk. We want someplace else to train someplace the noobs cant enter. So here is my thought. Lvl 70+ can make a monster house for 25k. Each chamber u can make for 10k. U need 70+ battle to make this house and more than 1000 total lvl to keep noobs out.

After u kill a monster they'll fall magic orb. Then in monster house at a room besides entrance room u can use magical orb and that npc will maintain ur house. Each room has to contain the identical npc. So room 1 can contain lessers and space 2 can comprise guards.

Of course u can have ur friends that r lower than 70 to join... or u can make it so only 70+ can join or u can make it so only u can join. There's also a lever to make dangerous, safe, fun, and off manner. Dangerous meens that when u die u spawn in lumbridge and u lose all but 3 finest things. But the npcs can also drop things. Safe mode if u die u lose nothing along with the npcs lose nothing also.

In enjoyable manner u can talk to ur npcs. And in off mode the npcs dont go at all. Obviously where is the monster home? It's either in ur wrench pub in monster home options, which allows u to chage who will enter, enter monster house and enter buddies monster house. Unlike pohs in runscape if no1 is in the house except u and u die, in pohs u lose stuff that u dropped when no1 is in there, but in these u will have the gravestone to shield ur things for the time they r allowed.

However, if u chose to u can make a portalsite, instead of wrench option to generate ur portal from these places: lumby swamp, infront of draynor manor. North of falador, and adjacent into the backyard gate in varrock castle. I think this could be a great idea and it is for free 2p also. . .and no it doesnt raise RS 2107 Gold construction. I'd love it if some1 could copy and paste this onto runescape forums, and then post the quick find code.


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