I Have Been Meaning To RuneScape


I have been meaning to RuneScape

Here are a couple of the monsters I've made, simply to runescape gold 2007 show what they're like. Some caution here. The number of drops you will find for your own charms is the maximum quantity of charms. So it may say (3) but you may just get 1 charm fall. Monster description: Quite tricky to deal with. It poisons and, no melee weapon will operate except for a keris dagger. You are still able to use mage or range however. It has a dreadful melee attack, hitting up to 18. It has 70 hitpoints. Weakness: It's weak to a quick style range attack.

To assist player killing be potential I thought of this idea. It's possible to go in the wilderness go to the east in which a peninsula is where by talking to Belgon you can start a jungle championship. To prevent a large group of friends fighing together for free amor when you make a tournament you will cover 5,000gp to begin it and when you launch it for 10 minuets all battle related NPC's in RuneScape will shout it and also will offer free teleports. A max of 100 individuals per tournament.

When you fight in this arena that you don't lose the things that you carry instead when murdering people you will gain Kill Points which can be traded through Belgon for armor and weapons. When you kill someone with less battle then you, you will gain 1 point same with somebody with same level as you. For every higher level you'll receive 1 point to the kill and also the difference between your levels as additional.

Ok, I have been meaning to post this for awhile, even if I have already posted it, please do this topic. Anyways, would not it be cool if your charcter showed what harm wasa lately done by what? Not knowing? You may. I have about 10 hp left. What if you'd arrows sticking to you? How cool is that look! I'm going to explain all of the remainder in a minute.

Additionally, I see the issue of hitpoints restoring. As you hitpoints go up, lets say u take 1/4 damage. You would look with the batle damage somewhat. 1/2, would seem pretty bad. 3/4, you are in some serious pain man!! 4/4, you're clearly dead (Duh). This next part will reveal the melee and cheap RuneScape gold mage consequences.


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