Best Cashmere Manufacturer In Nepal - Cashmere Manufacturer | Om Cashmeres


Best Cashmere Manufacturer in Nepal - Cashmere Manufacturer | Om Cashmeres

Om Cashmeres is the only of main luxurious Cashmere Manufacturer Nepal, Which elements the very best popular excellent cashmere products throughout the sector. As a luxury cashmere producer and provider of knitted & handmade cashmere merchandise such as scarves, blankets, hats, gloves, poncho, stoles, pullover, sweaters, cardigans, shawl, socks and other homeware clothing because the latest fashion tendencies.

We’ve grown our organization to grow to be one of the largest direct wholesaler of cashmere merchandise within the world. We have labored hard to create particular, fashionable knitwear products to establish an worldwide attraction. We keep in mind ourselves to be an adaptable, affordable and approachable producer and lately invested time into participating with industry professionals to create a unique range of cashmere products with the creative know-how of move-functional colour mixing and knit layout.



We provide a wide range of first-class cashmere clothing for men, women, kid, and homeware in diverse colors and designs to our clients with their preference. We never compromise with product exceptional.Our acute attention to every and each order guarantees the excessive great and fault unfastened product. Our products undergo consistent go through stringent exams and controls at various stages to ensure the consistent fine of the completed merchandise earlier than they leave our factory. It is all monitored via surprisingly experienced technicians and satisfactory manipulate specialists.

In reality, a huge variety of the gadgets comprising our variety have resulted from the precise and customized requirements of our clients. We recognize this enterprise in each factor. So that our customers are confident that their order is inside the right palms. By having our own manufacturing unit. We make prototypes samples earlier than going thru very last manufacturing, which allows us to discover, save you and correct all problems efficiently and provide the exceptional service to our clients.Cashmere Manufacturer Nepal.

Om Cashmeres is the only of main cashmere producers and Supplier Company based totally in Nepal. We are continually here to serve you and provide a wide variety of best cashmere garb for men, girls, kids, and homeware in diverse shades and designs to our customers with their preference. Our acute interest to every and each order ensures the excessive fine and fault unfastened product. Our merchandise undergo regular go through stringent exams and controls at various stages to ensure the regular first-rate of the completed products earlier than they go away our factory. It is all monitored through surprisingly experienced technicians and nice control professionals. In truth, a huge quantity of the items comprising our range have resulted from the specific and customized requirements of our customers.




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