Key Things To Learn About Permanent Resident Visa To Canada


Key Things to Learn about Permanent Resident Visa to Canada

Canada PR Visa


Canada is one of the hottest destinations to live and work in the world. The country receives admiration because of its strong economic development and providing a secure life to citizens. Every year, thousands of people across the world apply for a PR visa to Canada. A fist of them is capable of obtaining it. Getting a temporary visa to Canada is far easy than getting a permanent resident visa. 


A Canadian permanent resident gets more privilege than those with temporary visas. A permanent resident gets permanent resident status. Though he is not a Canadian resident, he gets various social benefits like health care coverage. He is allowed to live, work, or study anywhere in Canada. He is allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship. Moreover, he gets protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 


How to Get a Canadian Permanent Resident?


The process of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident is complex and time-consuming. If you get success in it, you can eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship to get voting rights and work for Canadian security services.


The basic process requires you to submit your medical certificate and the certification of your character. The application form should be filled carefully. It is necessary to attend a meeting with immigration representatives.


Depending on the nature and category of your application, you may or may not require some essential steps. Submit your educational qualification certificates, sponsor letters, and relevant information. 


You may have to qualify for the skill assessment test. If you are a refugee, you should have proof of refugee status. It is essential to pass the language test. You will have to show sufficient funds to stay in the initial time in Canada. 


There are five different ways to apply for a permanent resident of Canada. These ways are Express Entry, Business Immigration, Family Class Immigration, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs. 


In the official website of Canada immigration, you can assess your eligibility for permanent Canadian immigration. If you are still in doubt, contacting a Canadian immigration agent is beneficial. The agency deals with all the issues related to Canada immigration. It has a team of experts who understands challenges associated with immigration. Considering your eligibility, the agency can guide you on the best way to apply for the PR for Canada.


What is the Express Entry?


It was launched in January 2015. The Canadian government launched the program for skilled and qualified immigrants. The program helps immigrants to apply for permanent residence by applying to the job where there is a lack of available skilled Canadian workers. It is one of the most successful immigration plans. Through this program, many immigrants get the opportunity to apply for permanent residency within 6 months. Applicants are assessed based on federal skilled worker points. CIC will assign points considering various factors like skills in English, education, work experience, age, presence/absence of a valid job offer, and adaptability to live in Canada. 


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