A Step-By-Step Guide To High School Essay Writing


A Step-By-Step Guide to High School Essay Writing

Allerling college assignments is daunting and confusing for many students. First, you must understand the topic and what you will write about. Once you know what the essay entails, you can organize your writing. An essay is a composition that a student writes to propose an idea and expound on it. Essays are written to share an idea, hypothesis, or argument. The main goal of an essay is to pass a message to the reader. Aside from having strong arguments, they are the engine of persuasion. Students should invest a lot of time in organizing their work. This involves organizing their thoughts to assist the reader in deciding on what they will agree with. The experience of organizing your thoughts is challenging because your ideas will be clouded in the process. Below is a step-by-step guide that can help you organize your essay:

Select a Topic

You must have a point to share for clarity. If your teacher has not provided the topic, select the one you understand better. Factors that help you in choosing a topic include:

  • Length – Your topic should be short, but complex if you are to achieve 12 points. Also, consider the audience you are addressing.
  • Place your thesis statement in the introduction. The statement will help you cover your arguments logically. 
  • Research the topic thoroughly – having information about what you will write about will help you find strong points. It will also help you figure out if the topic is worth writing about.
  • Organize your thoughts in a list – organizing your thoughts in order of importance is essential. Choose the key points that will help you elaborate on why you choose your topic.
  • Draft an outline – an outline can help you write your essay with a clear mind. Your essay should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Come up with a Statement

Every paper has a beginning and ending, so you must develop a thesis statement for your essay. The statement will make your essay clear. Go through it as many times as possible to see if it makes a coherent piece. Note that the length of a statement is contingent on the points that you list. Ensure that your thesis is catchy, interesting, and self-explanatory.

Write the Introduction

Students should realize that the introduction is the opening of your essay. It should be richly to pique the reader’s interest. The introduction should be relevant to the points that you are trying to discuss. Help your audience understand the main idea of your essay by writing it in a way they can understand. Include a thesis statement as the last sentence.


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