Get The Detail Overview And Working Concept Of Cylindrical Robot


Get the Detail Overview and Working Concept of Cylindrical Robot

The cylindrical robot has a main arm that moves up and down. A cylinder is built into the robotic arm which creates this motion by expanding and retracting. In many of these cylindrical robot models, rotation is generated by gears and motors, and vertical motion is generated by pneumatic cylinders.

The cylindrical robot uses a three-dimensional coordinate system that uses selected reference axes and their relative distances from them to determine the position of a point. The position of a point is also determined using the distance to the selected reference direction and the relative direction of the axis and the distance to the axis perpendicular to the selected reference plane.

This type of robot is suitable for objects which must have rotational symmetry in their longitudinal axis, i.e. B. metal heat distribution cylinder, long straight cable that generates an electromagnetic field, and a round section of a straight tube. Perform this movement by extending the cylinder attached to the arm. In most cylindrical robots, up and down motion is provided by a pneumatic cylinder and rotation is usually provided by motors and gears.



The cylindrical robot has at least one rotating link on its base and at least one prismatic link for connecting the links. The joint swivels using a rotating motion along the hinge axis. along the prismatic relationship it moves in a linear motion. Your movements are performed in the form of a cylindrical shell.

In most cylindrical robot, up and down motion is provided by a pneumatic cylinder and rotation is usually provided by motors and gears. Every part of the robot that moves from the cylinder usually moves until it stops. The stop position is determined by placing a stop block or position pin. The cylinder is powered by pneumatic energy (air pressure) which is controlled by a simple solenoid valve. The controller determines the rotary motion by moving the motor until the encoder determines the correct range of motion.




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