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Business Card Now the other shape layer here does not have a point right down at the bottom. So if we wanted to start there, we could add a point and then right click, go to masking shape and set first vertex. And now if we solo up all of these and play it, we're gonna get kind of a mirrored sort of animation, which is nice, that works. The other thing that you can do, I'll delete this vertex here and then let's see where I'm just gonna bump the stroke up because I can't tell where it's. Okay, so right now this is the first vertex. The other thing that you can do with trim paths is you can just change the offset. So if you just click and rotate the offset. We can just move this around. And right now you can't really see it. So we could do is just jack up the height of our comps so we can see everything to find out exactly where you want that to start. There we go. Something like that. That's another way that you could go about doing essentially the same thing. So let me set this back to four. I'll deselect everything and let's just play that. There we go. Let me just solo these three layers. Now maybe we don't want these to go in opposing directions cuz now that I see it, I don't really like it. I think what I would like is them to go in the same direction but to start at the top and the bottom like they are now. So I just change this back to reverse path direction off. And I think I like that better. Yes, I think that's fine. You can do kind of whatever you want. So I'm just going to play this back. We'll get a look at it. I think the final thing that I'd like to do is to give this some dimensionality and we're going to kind of fake a 3d sort of look here. And the way that we do that is to essentially move things in the comp in a Kwazii 3D way to get some parallax effect. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take line 2, I'm gonna pair to line 1, then I'm gonna shy line 2 because I don't really need to see it. I'm gonna adjust the scale of line 1, I'm just gonna do a key frame animation here. I'm gonna set a key frame at 0 and then we'll adjust some things. I'm gonna take the text layer and I'm also going to set a key frame here. And then maybe the leaf layers here. What I might do is jump back up into the project panel, grab another null, drop it in the center. Set that to an adjustment layer, and I'll call it leaf master controller. And I will parent all the other leaf controllers to it. And then I can set a scale, key frame on this. And so what I want to do is over time and I might make this animation something like 10 seconds long. So I'm just going to hit end on the keyboard. And that will put the endpoint for the work area right at 10 seconds. And then I just right-click and chose to trim comp to work area. So I might go to let me this point right here and just scale these leaves up a tiny bit maybe by like, I don't know one and a half percent. It's gonna be pretty imperceivable. And then I'm going to move, the other layers here a bit more. Actually, maybe we'll move those up something like, maybe 103 or something like that.Free Business card Maybe a little bit more because they are actually above the lines in the stacking order. And for the lines, I'm going to maybe make those a little bit less, maybe 101.5. So it's gonna be very subtle I'm not even sure you can tell that they are moving. Maybe I'll make those like, I don't know 105 or something like that. And then maybe 109ish.Let's see how that looks. Yes, I think that is looking quite nice. And then finally, I'm gonna take the text and I'm going to make this move the most of all. So actually, I'm gonna start with the text at perhaps 95 and then I'm gonna go up to maybe one 110. Let's try that. The text may look a little bit fuzzy. What we could do is collapse the layer transformation here or continuously rasterize. And then jump in this comp here and then collapse that. And then also we'll continuously rasterize this. So everything's basically continuously rasterize or the layers are all collapsed. So now it will remain essentially sharp no matter how big you make it, and that's too big. So don't do that. So let's check this out now. Essentially I wanna make the text look like it's in front. So I wanna have that scale the most out of all three of these, which is why I made a scale change of 15 where my leaf master controller is doing about 10 ish, so that's a little bit less and then the lines are going five. So it's a difference of like, five and then another five and then another five, which isn't drastic, but I think it's enough over the course of this animation to give it a 3D sort of effect. It's giving it a parallax effect. And we can kind of boost that even more by making this 90 when it starts. And that will really make it look like it's in front of everything else because things that are closer to you or a camera appear to be moving faster than things that are Further away, that's kind of what the parallax effect is. So you can kind of cheat that by taking a layer that you want to appear as though it is in front in 3D space or closer to the viewer and scaling that up more over time. It's kind of hard to see over maybe ten seconds if I just squish this down. You'll see it. Perhaps a little bit more. I think we could sell this even more by just scaling down the back these lines even less, we can just do like 103 or something like that. It would be very, very subtle. But if we get those to move, almost in perceivably everything else I think is gonna fall into place a little bit more. Yeah, that's looking quite nice I think. Yes, very good. So that about wraps it up for this series of lessons, checking out this boutique style animation with this great looking text that you can find over on Envato Elements. Here's the font that was used and all of the other assets you can find over on Envato Elements as well. Make sure to watch the next lesson, where you're gonna learn some final tips and tricks. [MUSIC] In this course, you learned about several key concepts for animating in After Effects using key frames and modifying the interpolation, expressions for wiggle, inertial bounce Business Card Design and looping, masks, shapes, motion blur, 2.5 D with the After Effects camera and more. I hope that you are able to follow along because that is really the best way to learn. A few times in the course I used third-party tools and effects and I just wanna mention again that none of these are required but they sure are useful. The point of showing them to you again is to open you up to the idea. That there are really useful tools out there for specific jobs that will help you with annoying or tedious tasks in After Effects. Some of the tools are free and some of them cost a bit of money.But here's the thing, your time is the most valuable resource that you have. So if there's a tool out there that can help you to shave off a few hours over the course of a week or two, it very well may be worth it. And like I mentioned before, there are many scripts and plugins that you can get for free. For example, video co-pilots FX console is free and you should absolutely be using it. In fact, video co-pilot has several free effects and you should get them all. All of the assets in this course came from Envato elements. You can get unlimited downloads of video templates, stock video, audio tracks, and effects with Envato elements. Millions of creative digital assets with simple commercial licensing, and you can cancel at any time. Not only is the model elements a great place for assets, you can also get inspiration for learning After Effects by looking at the After Effects templates and seeing how they're put together. You can download them, open them up, poke around at the layers, look at the keyframes and find out how a particular look or animation actually works. Thanks so much for watching this course. I hope you're able to follow along and learn some new techniques and ideas that you can use in your after effects animations. I'm Dave Bode for Envato and I'll see you around.



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