Installation Of Solar Water Heaters That Help In Reducing Your Electricity Bill


Installation of Solar Water Heaters That Help In Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Solar water heater use solar energy to heat water during the day. This hot water is stored in an insulated solar hot water tank that can be used when needed. Sunlight has enough energy to heat water to 55 ° C to 70 ° C, which is more than enough for bathing and washing in bathrooms and kitchens. Water. On cloudy days, the solar water heater has a built-in backup electric heating element. Basically, solar water heaters convert sunlight into renewable energy into hot water using solar thermal collectors.

Typically, solar water heater prices start from Rs 15,000 and 1,099,990, depending on the type (ETC or FPC), capacity and solar brand of the solar water heater. The solar heating range starts with at least 100 liters of solar water heater and goes up to 500 liters of solar water heaters for home use and up to 5,000 liters for commercial use.



Solar water heating can cut home owner water heating costs by an average of 50% to 80%. Although devices can cost more than basic water heating systems, long-term cost savings are critical for detection. However, solar water heating has the added benefit that is just as attractive. When homeowners invest in solar water heaters, they are protected from future fuel shortages and rising prices. They also reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and their carbon footprint, which is an attractive prospect for conservationists. Obviously, this system has a number of advantages.



Solar water heater use natural sunlight to heat water. This system works on the principle of thermosiphons and is designed to deliver hot water without the use of expensive electricity. It is the most efficient way to produce hot water, saves expensive energy and is environmentally friendly.

Solar water heating is one of the smartest, most pocket-friendly and renewable sources used worldwide to heat water in homes. In general, using solar heating helps reduce annual energy costs compared to using electric water heaters or geysers.


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