It Is Not Just The Raid As A Whole Is Simpler For Today's Seasoned


It is not just the raid as a whole is simpler for today's seasoned

The C'Thun players struggle now in WoW Classic isn't the Classic gold wow tentacled monster of legend he once was. The C'Thun we fight has had his fangs filed down, a nerf that dates back into 2006 when guilds taking about the OG C'Thun believed him unkillable. But was he, really? Based on the abilities WoW Classic players have accrued within the previous 15 years, I believe we could take this giant eyeball the way he was intended to be fought. I believe we could kill pre-nerf C'Thun, and Blizzard should put him WoW Classic to give us that opportunity.

The story of C'Thun is a story of pity. Players threw themselves against the boss for months to no avail. He required a great deal of damage to take down until he enraged and promptly murdered everyone, and the struggle demanded pinpoint positioning out of all the raiders. The fight famously had a bug too, which induced ranged tentacles to fend behind walls directly under players, nearly guaranteeing full bash wipes. After 80 days without a single clear Blizzard finally nerfed C'Thun to the ground, and he was easily defeated the exact same moment.

It is not just the raid as a whole is simpler for today's seasoned WoW gamers. Players do triple or even quadruple the quantities of people's DPS back so even a pre-nerf C'Thun would easily fall. It is an issue of the playerbase being significantly more skillful, and knowledgeable.

When you take a close look at the harm logs of any C'Thun kill right you can now see that is true. You've got players doing between 200 to 300 dps on bosses, and because this can be Classic WoW you know they are watching a movie in their second monitor while they do it. It's tough to get accurate numbers, since most people weren't keeping track of dps 15 decades back, but based on Minmaxed, it was far less than what we're seeing now:"[There is ] a general consensus among individuals who did perform back then is that it had been'way less' The idea that pre-nerf C'Thun is too high of a damage check is foolish."

Practised on our client for several weeks before it went live, developing strategies and getting familiar with the trash and experiences," Minmaxed explained. "I think the majority of the guild could have liked C'Thun to be more difficult, but when talking about the whole'mathematically impossible' C'Thun I do not necessarily believe it was as much about maths because it had been about the encounter being calmed with tentacles spawning inside of walls and shining your stunt while being out of line of sight."

Those bugs seem like the principal barrier in the way of Blizzard putting C'Thun to WoW Classic in his original form. But here is my pitch: Leave Celtics in.

Yup, it is going to be frustrating if your guide dps gets bodied unfairly, but this is Classic. The game's already an unbalanced relic, and the people knee deep in the beautiful mess are all thirsting for wow classic gold for sale a fall of the old frustration. I refuse to believe a neighborhood that enjoys grinding farming and honor Scarlet Monastery will be put off by two or three bug-induced raid wipes.


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