Why Are Lego Accessaries Beneficial ?


Why Are Lego Accessaries Beneficial ?

The world of lego is full and magical. In times when you have nothing much to do even as an adult, lego helps you to zone out into a world of Lego bricks. Adults find it satisfying to see and feel the click when one block is locked into another. The results are beautiful too. You can make a Hogwarts castle with the instructions laid out before you and with an eye for attentive details and expertise. However, you may want to add an extra touch to your work of art with Lego Accessories.


What are the Lego Accessories?

Lego is an entirely different universe. Only a true lego fan will understand this point—the demands of such fans. Lego enthusiasts and experts have paved their way into making custom parts to make visible changes to a lego part that when put together can unveil the universe; the lego enthusiast wants to put on display. It can range from Star Wars weapons to Batman capes. Construction toy with light adds a magical touch. There are custom lego accessories available that can lit up the building or a car you made with lego.


Different Lego Accessories-


  • Lego tape rolls that have base plates with double-brick and can be stuck over anything with its adhesive.
  • Flexible construction bricks
  • Lego tiles for walls
  • LED Lego bricks, bars, strings, lamps



What are the different types of Custom Lego light bricks?


There are many kinds of Custom Lego Light brick available that one can use to create beautiful results.

●        LiteUpBlock-

They come in two sizes- the 2x3 clear brick and 2x4 clear brick. They are also available in several led light colours - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, RGB. LDR1 battery powers it.


●         LiteUpBar-

It comes in various sizes- 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, as well as a 1x4 4-in-1 LiteUpBar. Powered by USB, the bars come in several colours like Amber, Green, Red, White, Blue.


●        LiteUpLamp-

These come in various kinds, both battery and USB, with a combination of colours. The lamps can be in the form of Traffic lights, Street lights, Spotlight, Wide Angle Spot Light, etc.


●        LiteUpStuds-

These come in various sizes 1x1 and 1x2, both USB and battery. They come in bricks, round units, double round units, etc.


●        LiteUpStrings-

This is available in various length and colours, in USB type.


Therefore, these accessories have a very flattering effect on the already beautiful lego structures you make. You should also know that to charge the lights; you can buy a 2.0 multi-charger USB hub with seven ports with on/off switch and extra sets of LR41 batteries.


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