Short & Point To Point Information On Mobile Signal Boosters


Short & Point to Point Information on Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile Signal Boosters

Today, we are much more depended on cell phones for our office work, businesses, and home-related services. Our lives can be affected if the mobile data signal goes weak. Unfortunately, the mobile signal becomes weak at high-rise buildings, undergrounds, forests, and villages. In India, the weak mobile signal is a common day to day phenomenon that seems unstoppable. Since we are living in the 20th century where technology is continuously making our lives better, the technology known as mobile signal boosters have developed. These devices are powerful to capture mobile signals even in undergrounds, high-rise buildings, and villages.

What is a mobile signal booster?

It is also known as amplifier or repeater, made up of three prime elements- exterior antenna, interior antenna, and amplifier. Together they form a wireless system to boost cellular reception. It helps to improve mobile signal strength so that users can get the best talking and browsing experience.

The strength of a cellular phone is calculated in dBm that a cellular network sends to the mobile phone.

At first the mobile reception is captured by the outside antenna and is later amplified by the cellular repeater and through inside antenna it is broadcasted all throughout the premises. Thus, it helps to get an uninterrupted calling service with faster networking along with rapid downloads. It is the basic concept that all signal boosters follow for GSM, EVDO, TDMA, and CDMA.

These boosters are highly compatible and can integrate with all types of cellular devices. The signal of 2G, 3G, and 4G are boosted. Moreover, they extend the battery life of cell phones by 180 minutes with an advantage of extra talk time.

Types of Cell Phone Repeater Reception Boosters

Analog Signal Repeaters

Today, it is a common type of repeater. They amplify all mobile phone carrier frequency using traditional technology. It is available with an outdoor antenna cable and kit. Installation is required.

Smart Signal Boosters

It is a new technology using all-digital powerful baseband processors. Smart reception amplifiers come with 100 dB gains. It doesn’t need outdoor antennas.

Buy branded signal reception boosters. Never forget to check the bandwidth, coverage, and the number of users it allows to use. For offices, a multi-bandwidth signal reception booster. You can also search for mobile signal booster in Kerala or your area. It is how you can able to install the right mobile signal booster.


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