You Take Your Product To The Auction House


You take your product to the auction house

Players would be able to put in a maximum amount (based on OSRS gold how many players there are. I.E. there are 5 players on one clan. They can each put a max 10k). Any extra money goes into the Clan Leader.

And also the regular 15 minute rule could apply. Clan leaders will have the ability to specify a maximum amount the clan can make so they can make different stakes within that period of time. Redmonke I love you so much I could marry you. IDK how many awsome fakes you've given me so far, but you have delivered again! YOU ARE MY GO TO GUY FOR FAKES - FOREVER! Here is the link to Redmonke's amazing imitation! The only problem is this wouldn't work on account of this 3k gap trading limit. Recall maximum amount for stake on each team is 100k in a quarter hour. No more than the usual 3k total difference in stake!

You understand how annoying trading is at runescape, locating people to sell to/buy from, then getting them to really observe that you would like to trade, then ultimately negotiating a price and getting your things after about 15min of grueling noobery by the trade spammers who reside in the overcrowded banks of worlds 1 through 10. You understand? It would be much easier if you merely centralized it to a single npc, call it an auctioneer.

You take your product to the auction house, and specify a cost to let it market at. You pay half of the very low alch worth of the thing t place your thing on the market. You recieve a ticket ticket (believe bank note) of your product stating that you offered it, you then wait. If your item is sold within 24 hours, you'll find a little notification saying your item has been sold, and you might return to the auction house with your auction ticket to pick up your cash. If your item isn't sold within 24 hours, you go back to the auction house with your auction ticket and choose back your items, or wash and repeat.

You would proceed the auction house, and search for the item you want. Should they have numerous sales of the item, you might navigate through and find the right amount and price for you! You then press purchase, and also a conformation screen would confirm your purchase, and you get the product, and the auction house carries the money. Each world would have 2 auction homes, 1 on f2p 1 and side on p2p side.

An anti-Spam filter, any things that low alch lower than 100 coins are not allowed in the home. Exceptions are: Runes, bones, holiday products, arrows... (add to the list) User friendly interface. No more transaction junk! yay! More ideas to come (add to the list)

Jagex knows about them. Everyone wants them. It has been at the back of everyone's mind - so when they release it? Player Owned Shops was talked about in the past sometime on any forum that's connected to runescape. It's been in the back of our heads and Jagex's heads. So, why haven't they released player owned shops yet? You can have individuals that help clients who work in the shop the clerks. Then you've got the acountant that cheap RuneScape gold will take care of all of the buisness's funds. And then there's the owner, president or CEO of the company. If it's a small shop it's owner. If it is a president it is a larger shop, but not enormous. When it is a company wiith many stores and alot of workers he's called the CEO.


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