Learn To Nail Your Nike SWOT Analysis Like A Pro!


Learn To Nail Your Nike SWOT analysis like a pro!

Are you grappling with the burden of delivering an impeccable case study on the Nike SWOT analysis? In this blog, we will walk you through a detailed SWOT analysis of Nike. It aims to examine the strengths and weaknesses of Nike. Likewise, it also explores the threat and opportunities faced by the company.

SWOT analysis of Nike: A Brief Overview

  • Strengths


  • Huge Customer Base- While drafting Nike SWOT analysis, it is crucial to incorporate the important aspect that Nike has millions of customers from around the world who loyally follow the trends of Nike.
  • Strong Brand Awareness- Nike is one of the most recognisable brands in the world as its name alone is memorable and extremely easy to pronounce. Its swoosh symbol can be recognizedby anyone.
  • Weakness
  • Pending Debts- Though Nike’s income statement shows to be prosperous, a quick glance at their balance sheet and programming assignment helpsolutions will paint a different picture. It will show that the company is still facing financial threats.
  • Lack of Diversification- The over-dependence of Nike on sporting apparel proved to be a major weakness for the company. Apart from that, the ghastly COVID-19 pandemic discouraged any kind of physical interaction and gathering. Sporting events are cancelled or postponed. If the crisis continues to have this impact for longer, the loss of Nike can prove to be catastrophic.
  • Opportunities
  • Emerging Markets- Though Nike already has a presence in numerous foreign countries, there remain still countless opportunities for Nike. This is mainly as emerging markets like India, China, and Brazil are flourishing gradually.
  • Acquired Artificial Intelligence Start-Up- Wits its huge financial resources, Nike can get their hands on small or medium company startups. It acquired the predictive analytics platform- select presently to expand its online sales capabilities and predict the shopping behaviour of the customer.
  • Threats
  • Increasing Competitive Pressure- Though Nike is reigning over the athletic industry, competition and new emerging brands still remain to be potential threats to the company. With a higher competition ratio, Nike is required to spend fortunes on college homework help.
  • Economic Uncertainty- Irrespective of the industry, every company is susceptible to the negative effects of a global recession. Nike has already registered about 38% decline in sales in Q2 of 2020.

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