Why CPR Certification Course Is Trending These Days?


Why CPR certification course is trending these days?


Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation, abbreviated as CPR is the newest learning trend amongst the healthcare workers. We all are surrounded by Covid pandemic which is a deadly pandemic. The virus straightway attacks the lungs and causes breathing problems. The highly infected people mostly die of cardiac pulmonary arrest in Covid infections. The First Aid Certification Aliso Viejo CA institutes are offering CPR classes for healthcare aspirants and workers. This is the right time to learn the steps of CPR because it is going to be highly helpful if anyone undergoes cardiac pulmonary arrest. The BLS Aliso Viejo CA are for those who wish to start their career in healthcare industry and also for those who are already working as a member of medical team.

The affect of Covid pandemic came as a huge disaster for many people. There was shortage of beds in hospitals, shortage of oxygen supply and shortage of ventilators. The situation came into control after the vaccination was discovered, but it won’t be wrong to say that we are still not completely safe. Even after the vaccination there are chances of having Covid infection. The bottom line of all this is that everyone should be prepared to handle the worst situation of Covid infection and i.e. death due to cardiac pulmonary arrest. Everyone should know how to perform cardiac pulmonary resuscitation so that they can help the victim unless they reach a nearest hospital or effective medical care.

If someone has encountered a cardiac pulmonary arrest and CPR is performed on them, their chances of survival increase from zero to 10-15%. However, if no CPR is performed then the chances of survival are absolutely zero. Here we are talking about out of the hospital cardiac pulmonary arrest cases. In the U.S only there are about 1000 cases each day. The number has increased after the Covid pandemic. The demand of healthcare workers who are able to perform CPR have increased. This is the reason the craze of PALS Online Aliso Viejo CA has also increased.

The knowledge of performing cardiac pulmonary resuscitation is not just for Covid victims but it is also very handy in general. Accidents can come over us in any form without any certainty. The victim can be someone unknown, someone in our acquaintance or our closed once. Our small gesture can save somebody’s life. Also, if we are working in other healthcare set-ups, other than hospital, the knowledge of CPR is a must; like for instance, a guard at swimming pool, a gym trainer etc. These are the healthcare set ups where the chances of accidents are more. If you are someone who has the knowledge of CPR, you can be a life saviour. You can at least try to save someone’s life by doing something rather than just doing nothing.

This is the right time to take CPR certification as there are more recruitments in the healthcare industry as compared to other industries. If you too are planning to take up a CPR certification, make sure it is accredited by the American Heart Association and it is updated with the latest guidelines.


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