A Lot Of Established Traditions Are Broken By The Madden 22 Cover.


A lot of established traditions are broken by the Madden 22 cover.

It has been revealed that EA Sports has released the Madden NFL 22 cover, which features the winning and losing quarterbacks from Super Bowl 55, as well as breaking some tradition.

EA Sports recently unveiled the cover of Madden NFL 22, which features not only the Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady, but also the quarterback of the losing team, Patrick Mahomes, as well as other players. This is a departure from a long-standing Madden custom.

When it comes to the covers of its games, the Madden NFL franchise has a long and illustrious history. However, twenty years after the release of Madden 2001, which featured Super Bowl winner and running back Eddie George on the cover, EA Sports has chosen to break that tradition, as well as a few others.

Madden Covers Throughout History

In 1988, the first two Madden Football games were released under the title John Madden Football. Later, the titles were updated to include the year of release, and eventually the title was changed to Madden NFL plus the year of the upcoming Super Bowl. Madden himself appeared on the cover of every game in the Madden series up to and including Madden 2000. When EA Sports decided to change the cover of Madden 2001 to a player from the winning Super Bowl team, it was a controversial decision that has remained in place until this day.

Long-time fans are taken aback by the decision to break with tradition because the previous tradition conveyed a sense of victory for both the fans and the player featured. Over the past couple of decades, the madden coins cover has been viewed as a trophy, as having a physical copy of the game that depicts the winning team can be seen as a justification for a fan's devotion to the franchise. Many fans will be disappointed by the new cover, which is a more modern and inclusive design.

The New Cover Has a Different Aesthetic

Older Madden covers typically featured an image of the player standing up or at the very least playing in full pads and a helmet, which is in stark contrast to the new one. Beginning with Madden 18, EA Sports changed the overall design of the cover player from wearing a helmet and posing as if he were on the field to approaching the camera without a helmet. Slowly but steadily, the franchise has begun to change.

With its aim for a new direction and a change in aesthetic, this new cover is anything but subtle. In the background, an off-white beige color with orange accents surrounds the portrait of the players, giving the new cover an old-fashioned polaroid appearance. A nod to the history of Madden covers, which have come a long way since 1988, or a change to simplify the cover so that two players can fit on it are both possibilities.

Will this alteration end the Madden Curse?

Over the years, players who have appeared on Madden NFL 22 Coins covers have also suffered injuries during the following football season. Brady and Mahomes are being wished well by sports media outlets, and it is too soon to tell whether or not they will be injured. Although not every player featured on the cover has been injured the following season, the number is high enough that it has become ingrained in the minds of NFL fans as a yearly tradition.

This cover may inspire a new theory, according to which one NFL player is cursed and the losing player is blessed. There will be no definitive answer until the 2021-2022 season begins, and because the curse is a fan theory in the first place, there is no way to predict what will happen given how physically demanding the sport is in the first place. All of that being said, this is a new direction for the series, one that may be able to last for the next twenty years if fans are willing to accept it.


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