What Are Different Types Of Partner Visa To Australia?


What are Different Types of Partner Visa to Australia?

Partner Visa

Australia is one of the hottest destinations to immigrate. It has economic development and income per capita is at the satisfactory level. The country invites immigrants to settle down by getting permanent visa. If you want to live with your family in Australia, it offers to apply through various types of partner visas.

Eligibility for Partner Visas to Australia

No matter the type of partner visa you are applying for, these are the eligibility criteria for almost all types of visas to Australia.

  • Fiance relationship (engaged to be married)
  • Legally married (people of the opposite sex)
  • Legally married (people of the same sex)
  • De facto relationships between people of the opposite sex
  • De facto relationships between people of the same sex

If you are anyone one of these, it will make you eligible for partner visa to Australia.

Types of Partner Visas

Australia has complex visa programs. They are updated time and again by the immigration authority of the country. The partner visa is classified into five subclasses.

Partner Visa Subclass 309

Getting a permanent partner visa is time consuming and tricky. It is a temporary partner visa through which you can later apply for the permanent partner visa Subclass 100. If you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or an eligible NZ citizen the visa is for you. Under this visa plan, applicants can apply while living outside the country.

Partner Visa Subclass 100

As earlier said, it is a permanent visa that is applied after you get the Subclass 309. Applying for the visa has some conditions that you will have to follow. You should be in a long-term relationship with your Australian sponsored partner. The time frame is 3 years or 2 years where there is a dependent child from the relation.

Partner Visa Subclass 820

The visa is granted to the person who is married to or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible NZ citizen. It is a temporary visa plan.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

It is referred as Fiance visa. It is granted to the person who is engaged to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen.

If you are confused and wanted to know the best visa for you, contact a visa specialist in Australia. The agency will guide seeing your eligibility.


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