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China ship and shop offers the most amazing shipping and shopping services no matter where you have resided. You shop and they simply ship at your personal address without costing you much. Basically, you can shop online all you want in China and we will deliver you everything at once.

Not only can you have everything mailed to your forwarding address but you can also avail of our special services and offers which make the process easier for you.

Why Choose Us?

Here are the benefits of shopping and shipping through us:

·        Low Cost

All our customers know that our workers work day and night so that we can provide you with the lowest prices ever. All you have to do is shop online in China and we will mail you your stuff at the lowest prices.

·        Reliable and Fast

One thing that we are sure of our services is that we are reliable and fast. Do not worry about your package getting damaged or late. We deliver you your package to the forwarding address as soon as possible so that you can enjoy using it more.

·        Shopping Assistant

This is the greatest thing about us. If the payment method that you are opting for you does not work, we can pay on your behalf and then, you can pay us back at your doorstep or through other methods. It’s that simple!

·        Package In 10/10 Condition

We do not damage your package at all. We have an idea that packages are sometimes fragile so we handle them with care. Customer satisfaction is our utmost mission and our responsibility.

·        24/7 Customer Representative Available

Our customer representative is always online to assist you. We help you with your queries even late at night.

A Simple Process To Buy Direct From China

It’s a very simple process to buy direct from China. Here is the easiest process you can come across to see if shopping and shipping from China work with you or not:

·        Sign Up and Get Your Shipping Address

First of all, to buy directly from China, you need to sign up from us. After that, you are free to give your personal China shipping address where you want all your packages to e forwarded.

·        Consolidate Your Packages

We have a special service where you can shop from multiple websites and make it as one parcel to save money and your time. plus, you can save 80% of your money is you choose to avail of this special service from us. Moreover, the more items you receive at once, the happier you will be!

·        Safe Shipping at Time

Our process is very easy. You just have to register your personal forwarding address through us and wait for your package to get mailed. We do not take much time of yours. Instead, we deliver as fast as we can. We assure that your packages are safe with us.

China Address And Package Forwarding

We can also deliver your packages to your Chinese forwarding address. All you have to do is register your personal Chinese address and we will mail you your package as soon as possible.


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