San Diego Calibration Services !


san diego calibration services !

san diego calibration services

Calibration Services in California by IPS. ISO Accredited Calibration, Serving Orange County, San Diego, and Northern California. Call Today (650)595-7890." Proudly serving Northern California and Southern California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Carlos, and surrounding areas.

Do you need reliable, high quality calibration support or validation? With service locations in San Diego, Orange County, and San Carlos! Contact us at (650)595-7890 to schedule a meeting or to get a proposal.

Our field service capabilities are squarely aimed at supporting biotech and pharmaceutical sites. Our field capabilities include pressure, temperature, liquid flow, gas flow, mass, liquid conductivity/resistivity, pH, humidity, vacuum, and more.

We worked for commercial manufacturing companies where the workload was increasing and budget for headcount was decreasing. We worked for R&D companies where time was of the essence. We worked for companies taking products through clinical trials. There were no good options for reliable third-party on-site calibration and maintenance service providers. Clearly, someone needed to provide a solution - so we did!

We saw other service providers and equipment manufacturers did not fully understand that future sales are fully dependent on the success of the current job. We swore to never lose sight of that.

ISO Accredited Calibration

International Process Solutions provides ISO 17025 accredited calibration for electrical, thermodynamic, dimensional, and time/frequency parameters. In the beginning we built in-house calibration laboratories to support the test equipment that we use for on-site services.

Torque Wrench Calibration Services

Torque wrenches are invaluable tools that are utilized by specialists in a broad range of industries. These include automotive fields, industrial, construction, aviation, and even those whose focus is renewable and clean energy.

Precise Calibration

IPS' team is made up of individuals whom are both talented and experienced. This means that you can expect your torque wrenches to function perfectly when our work is done. Properly calibrated, a torque wrench will accurately measure torque and allow fasteners of all types to be tightened with just the right amount of tension

Heavy Duty Service

IPS is an accredited provider of torque wrench services that test and calibrate weight, force, and mass. When your tools require re-calibration, you can trust the staff and capabilities of IPS. We customize our work to meet the very specific needs of every business and tool. Furthermore, our rigorous accuracy testing for torque wrenches is often completed in as little as 7 days so that your business can continue operating without any hiccups or bumps in the road while a tool is out for calibration.

Complete Care Process Management

We have extensive experience in support of this type. We handle quotations and RMAs, manage shipment to the vendor, receiving, calibration data review upon receipt, and return your assets to the end users.


Document Creation

If you need assistance in writing Standard Operating Procedures you have come to the right place. We have extensive experience in creating SOPs for calibration, maintenance and equipment operation.


Database Management

Our calibration support capabilities extends to the administrative side of your program; we can manage asset induction into a database, from establishing calibration specifications to entering new asset data into your database. If you do not have an asset tracking and scheduling system we can help. Our validated database can track your assets, generate "Due for Calibration" reports, and maintain the results of calibration for you, and you can access it via the internet.


Lab Relocation Support

Do you need assistance in relocating equipment? We can help; from preparing an inventory, pre-move and post-move calibration, equipment shut down and disconnect/re-connect and start-up, we can make life easier for you.


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