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"Orange County window cleaning services by Stanley Cleaning Solutions! Call Today (949)786-0816! We offer window cleaning, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning and more!"

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Orange County Cleaning Services


We tirelessly train our entire staff and expect every member of the Stanley team to value your time, value your needs, and above all, value your satisfaction.Our business has been growing the past 15 years because of our total commitment to customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on how we treat each and every client and your home and belongings.

We always have an Owner at every service (who else can say that?). We always visit every home before we start any service (this is only part of what makes us your home window cleaning specialists).


Stanley Cleaning Solutions has been in the professional window washing business for many years. We proudly provide our window cleaning service to all of Orange County, California.

Orange County Window Cleaning

Keeping both residential and commercial windows clean is a vital part of the overall cleaning process. Resplendent windows on a place of business help impress visiting partners, clients, and can help keep morale and productivity healthy in the workplace.

Our window cleaning services are priced by the number of windows you need cleaned and the size of those windows. Of course if you’re still not convinced that you can afford professional window cleaning services, by all means, contact us for a free quote!

Here at Stanley Cleaning Solutions our number one goal is customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that we work as efficiently and as quietly as possible. We treat every building, both commercial and residential, with the same love and respect we do our own. In order to deliver the type of high level services our customers demand and have come to expect from us, we also hire only the most qualified and experienced window cleaners

Stanley Cleaning Solutions proudly uses only those tools and cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly. We never use anything in our work that could damage your home, office, or worse yet, you and your family. We are committed to green solutions, meaning none of the tools we use in our work damage the environment in any way. Your satisfaction takes a back seat only to your safety.

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Orange County Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing not only cleans a multitude of surfaces but it leaves them looking like new as well. A visit from a pressure washing pro will restore your home or place of business to a near pristine state. Professional Orange County pressure washing services help business and homeowners make a good first impression and provide their guests and employees with a comfortable and respectable work space.

If you own a home or place of business then yes, you most likely need a professional pressure washing service. This is because surfaces that endure both foot and vehicular traffic take a beating and become stained and sullied rather quickly.

Professional pressure washers do a great deal more than just clean a multitude of surfaces. Many individuals are surprised to learn that both during and after the initial cleaning, protective chemicals are applied to the surface in question. These protective coatings helps retard buildup/debris and can even help protect a surface from moisture and heat.

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Orange County Pressure Washing Tips

Pressure Washing Awnings

Professional Pressure Washing As An Add-on Service

Pressure Washing Pitfalls

Pressure Washing Keeping Your Homes Clean

Orange County Glass Restoration

Whether the glass in question belongs to a window, is part of a shower enclosure, or belongs to a solar panel, glass restoration services can help breathe life back into seemingly damaged glass. Best of all our glass restoration services can be utilized by homeowners, owners of commercial structures, landlords, and of course new construction contractors.

Our glass restoration services will remove things like graffiti and scratches from places of business, residential homes, display cases, and all other types of glass enclosures. Additionally, the scratches left behind by home construction crews are removed leaving windows looking as though they were just installed. Calcium deposits, otherwise known as hard water stains, are also removed during the restorative process.

While glass is the main focus of our restoration services, the protective aspect extends well beyond glass. If you’ve got porcelain such as toilets, sinks, and even bathtubs our services can help you protect your these surfaces as well. Our protective coatings will prevent water rings on kitchen and bathroom surfaces which means you won’t have to contend with these tough to remove stains. In addition to porcelain surfaces we can also help you protect your silica surfaces as well.

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Orange County Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpeting cleaning services are designed to take the hassle out of deep cleaning carpet and to save people time. We do this by utilizing state of the art equipment and by working quickly so that you can get back into your home or place of business in a matter of hours.

We utilize the very best carpet cleaning equipment and use only those cleaning solutions which are safe for people, pets, and the environment

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Orange County Construction Cleanup

Stanley Cleaning Solutions is Orange County’s premiere and most trusted construction clean up service. We prepare newly built homes for sale, be them small, large, single, or multiple floored. With our high standards, experienced employees, and our commitment to excellence we believe you’ll be impressed with our work.             

Here at Stanley Cleaning Solutions our number one priority is customer satisfaction. If our customers aren’t 100% satisfied with our work we aren’t either. This is why we will return, free of charge, should any client ever find themselves unhappy with our work

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Orange County Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar power is sweeping the world and is rapidly being adopted by contractors, legislators, homeowners, landlords, and business owners. This is because the technology has grown to the point where its efficiency has surpassed its costs. Homes and offices utilizing solar power can use a great deal of power without penalty and in fact will often receive refunds each month for the power that they have left in storage.

Green Solar Panel Cleaning

Stanley Cleaning Solutions takes great pride in working with only those chemicals and tools that are certified “green”. All of our cleaning solutions are safe for the environment, people, and pets. This means that our clients don’t have to leave their home or work place while we do our work. Additionally, we work quickly and quietly so as not to disturb your work or leisure time.

solar panels should be cleaned 2-3 times a year. Of course, frequency is going depend on things like climate, surroundings, weather, and is often different for residences and businesses. Solar panels that are installed near trees or in areas where it’s windy, sandy, or dusty for example will need our services much more frequently than will houses and businesses in friendlier locations/climates.

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Six Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Windows

Timing Is Everything

Dry Cleaning Windows

Mix Your Own Cleaners

Removing Dirt

Squeegee Away

One Last Thing

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