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Can You Run RootsMagic 7 On Catalina?

You cannot run RootsMagic 7 on Catalina. Apple has released a new update for macOS 10.15. It is also called MacOS Catalina. If an application using 32bit, it will not run on Catalina. An app must be 64bit to work on Catalina.

Why Can We Not Run It On MacOS Catalina?

RootsMagic 7 can run on macOS but it is not a native application of macOS. As per RootsMagic 7, They use a wrapper that is provided by Codeweavers. It is a crossover of software and they use 32bit. This is the reason; you will not be able to run RootsMagic 7 on Catalina macOS. As per the RootsMagic blog, the CodeWeavers are working on a 64bit application and soon you will get updates that may allow you to use the software on new macOS 10.15.

If you want to use RootsMagic 7 on your macOS then you should not upgrade, it to Catalina OS. You should wait until you hear from RootsMagic. If they say, they have released a new update for RootsMagic 7 which will allow this program to work on Catalina then you should upgrade your new macOS.

Should I upgrade to RootsMagic 8 if I can not run RootsMagic 7 on Catalina?

You should upgrade to RootsMagic 8 because you will have better features in your software. RootsMagic 8 may not install on macOS. You will need to double-check with RootsMagic first before you purchase your copy of the software. They were working on the RootsMagic 8 to make sure it works on Catalina OS.

If you need more information or if you have questions related to RootsMagic 7 or 8 version so I would suggest you call our toll free +1-888-652-9580. Our 24×7 customer service can answer all your questions. You can also call the RootsMagic Support team to speak to them regarding the software.


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