15 Commonly Asked PTE Speaking & Writing Questions By The Test-Takers


15 Commonly Asked PTE Speaking & Writing Questions by The Test-Takers

PTE Academic exam takes a lot of questions to be solved and rigorous practice to achieve the desired score. To start with your PTE preparation, you must know all about the PTE Test format and how you proceed to take the first step matters.

As the PTE Speaking and Writing Sections are the first two section in the PTE Exam let us understand briefly about the tasks and the time you have to spend while taking the test.

The PTE Speaking section includes five different types of questions for which you have to devote 30-35 minutes from the 3-hour long exam.

The Writing section has only two tasks Summarize written text and write an essay, and that can be solved in 30 minutes.

In this blog, we will discuss only the questions that are asked by the PTE test-takers to our qualified and certified expert tutors:

Q1: How long should be the personal introduction that is asked at the beginning of the Speaking section?
A: While answering the personal introduction in the Speaking section do not include every information about yourself. Make sure to include only the information that is needed and is important. (It is not your biography; it is your introduction.)

Q2: Does the software only accepts the native language accent?
A: No, there are a lot of students who are non-native English speakers. So, it is okay to use the accent that you speak in, provided it is clear and understandable.

Q3: Is there any specific type of sentence that a test-takers should use in the PTE Exam?
A: It is not defined to use a particular type of sentence in the PTE Exam. Many students believe that they should make use of compound and complex sentences, but excess use increases the chances of committing a mistake.

Q4: Should I speak fast to present my oral fluency skills?
A: No, you should speak at a normal pace. It is not a test to check your speaking speed; it is to check your oral fluency. Speak at a normal speed and a clear tone.

Q5: Will I lose marks if I fail to copy the repeat sentence as it is?
A: It is not necessary to copy the repeat sentence completely. It is okay if you miss a word or two, you change a few words.

Q6: In the PTE-A Exam, is it necessary to use the exact words?
A: If possible, you same words as much as possible, else you can use the synonyms.

Q7: Is it important to follow the word limit? Will I lose the marks if I exceed the limit?
A: Yes, it is important to follow the word limit, and you will also lose the marks if you fail to follow the word limit.

Q8: Is it necessary to use rare words to show my vocab strength in the PTE-A Exam?
A: No, not at all. You can use any word that describes the same meaning as needed. Though it is good for your communication skills and learning new words and synonyms for the words you already know will help you avoid using the same words repeatedly.

Q9: Which are the skills that I must work on to score better in the speaking section in the PTE Academic exam?
A: In the Speaking section, it is important to have good speaking skills, pronunciation skills and your Oral fluency should be competent.

Q10: Can I use a random format to write an essay in the writing section?
A: No, it is important to follow the right format while answering the write an essay task. The first paragraph should be the introduction, the next two paragraphs should include your arguments, and the last paragraph should be the conclusion.

Q11: What are the two skills that I must improve to achieve a better writing score in the PTE Exam?
A: The two crucial and important areas to focus on in the writing section is coherence and sentence formation.

Q12: My speaking speed is not fast. So, do I lose marks if I pause while speaking an answer?
A: You do not have to be fast. You should not take the pause longer than 3 seconds as the recording will stop automatically if the pause is longer than 3 seconds.

Q13: There are chances that an image has a lot of information. Do I need to describe everything while answering describe image question?
A: No, it is not important to include all the information given in the image. But you must focus to include all the mandatory and relevant information.

Q14: Does the summarize section affect the score of any other section than writing?
A: Yes, it affects your reading score as this task carries partial credits.

Q15: Should the Retell lecture tasks be described as it is given in the question?
A: Yes, the retell lecture task has to be as it is given in the question. However, you can use synonyms of a few words unless it doesn't change the meaning conveyed.

After getting the answer to these questions, the next step is to get the right tips & strategies to improve. PTE Tutorials is a platform that helps you learn from the experts.


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