Top Six Splendid And Best Places To Visit In India


Top Six Splendid and Best Places to Visit in India

There are a lot of tourist places in this world India is the one of them. Visitors can find several Best Places to travel in India. You can get fascinating experience from the country as its gives the variety of different regions with unlike geological, environment, atmosphere situations, extensive collection of traditions and cultures. The country holds many breathtaking adventure tours and travel destinations which is valuable to visiting such snow capped mountains, charming beauty of hill stations, wonderful islands, amazing exotic beaches, wavy lakes, historic forts, historical places, wildlife, desert and many more. India is internationally as the foremost tourist destination in this world. Here you can take pleasure in the Best Places to travel in India to travel around real spirit of this mysterious land.

Leh andLadakh - The Moon land of India

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has places like Leh and Ladakh which are well-known for their high peak mountains which cannot be measured with other place in the world. This place also famous for adventure, create your adventure tours India unforgettable visiting LehLadakh. This place has unusual territory and wasteland background, that's why Leh and Ladakh called Moonland of India.

Kashmir - the paradise of India

Kashmir is the most beautiful place of India. The Kashmir has appraised as paradise of the India if there is paradise it's in Kashmir. You cannot forget the beauty of this place as it has spectacular sight of Himalayas, houseboats, peaceful lakes, nature world landscapes and lots of attraction.



Rajasthan: Royal Land of Rajputs

Millions of tourists come to India only for visit to Rajasthan. Rajasthan presents combination of tourist selections in the vein of traditional heritage tourism, desert safari, wildlife tourism, camel etc. There is only hill station of the state is Mount Abu which is famous for Dilwara Temples. Rajasthan represents the legendary history of its former kings. Rajasthan is famous for its outstanding forts and luxurious hospitability.

Taj Mahal: Symbol of Love and Wonder of World

Taj Mahal is proudly taken place in Seven Wonders of the World. Taj Mahal also called eternal Symbol of Love. It is built by mughal emperor ShahJahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. This beautiful love white marble monument is placed on the Coast of Yamuna River in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Khajuraho: Symbol of Perfect Architecture

Khajuraho is well-known for its world famous temples, their impeccable architecture and statue. Khajuraho is a collection of fascinating temples situated in heart of India Madhya Pradesh and applauded worldwide for its immense work of art. These temples show stability among masterwork architecture and erotic monuments imprinted on walls.

Goa: King of Exotic Beaches

Goa is the smallest state of India which is constantly found crowded with many tourists. The state is the famous for its beaches which has an impressive holiday beach resort in Goa and that is famous in all over the world. The greatly fashionable destination is assumed that tourists get enjoyment as it gives a collection of ocular luxury in the variety of its exotic beaches and sumptuous churches.



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