Splint Boots to Protect Support to Horse

Splint Boots To Protect Support To Horse

Splint Boots to Protect Support to Horse

Do you want to protect your horse’s legs and looking for a better support for his legs, then look no further than Horse splint boots? These boots are light weight and comes with multilayer of high quality fabric in order to offer a presentable look to your horse. It is best thing that you can gift to your favourite horse as it provides much needed comfort and protection to his legs. You can also look for the Horse tendon Boots that offer safeguard the cannon bone, soft tissues and tendons of horse’s leg and provide protection. These boots are also helping absorb hoof concussion.

These boots are used to protect your horse from injury during exercise. It protects horse’s leg during his training. Sometimes hoof strikes the opposite lag during jumping and exercising that can cause leg injuries so better protect your horse against these injuries with these boots. These boots also help protect horse from getting overly excited in the field during training. White Half Pad for Horses are available to protect your horse from any kind of injuries and accidents.


These boots are available in various styles, designs, sizes and material such as leather and Neoprene. These boots also come with many straps that may vary from 1 to 5. Front leg boots generally have more straps as compared to back foot. You may also find buckles in older designed boots.  You can find wide varieties of colours and you can choose your favourite colour for your horse.

You can find a padded area on the side of boot which is protective area that helps protect fetlock and cannon bone of horse. These are secure and less likely to slip during training. They are comfortable and protective enough to take better care of your horse’s legs. So what are you looking for, just browse ippico.com.au and order your favourite Horse splint boots for your horse.

These boots are come with synthetic and durable material that is machine washable. You need not any special care to maintain or clean these boots. Leather boots have the same cleaning process as you have with leather horse tack and similar products. You need saddle soap to clean leather boots. 


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