Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage

Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage

Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage

Pollution is the major problem of every country and everyone is facing the adverse effects of pollution in terms of health, cleanliness and hygiene. It may occur in any form like contaminated water, polluted soli, noise, polluted air and Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage and many more. All the forms of pollution are the harmful but water  pollution create many adverse affect on health.

Contamination of lakes, ocean, waters, groundwater and aquifers can be takes place due to discharging industrial waste, non biodegradable product and sewage. Water pollution causes environmental degradation. Pollutants discharge in water bodies directly or indirectly without treatment can cause a big harm to environment. Harmful compounds and chemicals in water can be dangerous for human health and it impart bad affects in various terms.



Polluted water is also not good for aquatic and marine animals and can be the cause of their destruction. Groundwater contamination may be very dangerous as it occurs when pollutants release to ground and make its way down in the ground water. Many studies have revealed that ocean pollution is the main cause of waste water and sewage. Billon tons of untreated sewage and waste pumped into water bodies.

Sewage may be the major pollutant that is responsible for water and soil as well. Soil Pollution by Sewage can create harmful effects on environment. Sewage is a waste material like urine, faeces and it is pumped into soil and water in the form of liquid and suspension. Sewage is intended to remove from community in order to keep environment clean. Sewage can be the main factor that is responsible for water and soil pollution.  Sewage water is also known as municipal or domestic waste water and it is generally characterised by rate of flow, volume, chemic, physical and toxic constituents. It is quite important to find out its bacteriological status to find out what kinds of organism are present in water.  So better keep your environment clean by understanding the basic factors that are accountable of slow destruction of environment or your community. Create a healthy and clean environment around you to lead a healthy life.


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