How To Select Horse Boots

How to Select Horse Boots

Horse boots are very important as these boots work as protective tool for your pet. These boots serve different purpose. They are available in different designs and styles. Horse splint boots and Horse tendon Boots are basically used to prevent horse’s leg injuries and protect his leg from interference that can lead to cuts and scratches. These boots help absorb some of the shock on impact as a horse’s hoof hits ground. These are some benefits of using horse boots but these are available in different styles, designs and types, so it can be confusing to decide which boot is right for your horse. Here in this guide, we have shared some useful information that helps you find out right one for your horse.



Look for the best material of boots

Leather boots are protective but it s quite difficult to take care of this stuff. Muddy and wet leather needs careful maintenance in order to avoid cracks and hardening. There are lots of other materials available with these boots. You can look for one which comes with light weight and impact resistant material. These boots can be cleaned easily and offer better protection for horse’s leg. Some boot material become heavy and waterlogged after getting wet, so better choose material wisely.

Look for the appropriates size of Horse boots

Horse boots are available in large, medium and small size. Some boots are also available that are scaled to fit extra large horses and ponies too. Some manufacturers also offer sizing charts with their packaging, so better check size in order to avoid any inconvenience. Normally, your horse’s weight, height, circumference of horse’s leg offers you an approx estimation of suitable boot size for your horse.

  • Small horse, refined bones, weight less than thousand pounds: Need small size horse boot
  • Horse with average bones and weight: Need Large size horse boots
  • Horse falls in middle category: Need medium sized horse boots

These are basic information that helps you decide material and size of horse boot. You can look for best and protective boots and other accessories like White Half Pad for Horses by browsing a reliable and authentic website.


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