evianne and after pictures with the hashtag different challenge and I will be picking those winners very soon [Music] [Music] alright guys I am preparing myself some lunch I want to show you what I'm having I made a very simple salad with some mixed greens some cucumbers grated carrots tomatoes and then I also have some kale over here now kale is a little bit more dense but if you chop it up real real fine it's actually a lot easier to consume I normally like to cook kale a little bit or you can also massage it but chopping it up a real real sign is really good as well and then I'm having some avocado toast on the side as this got some paprika some salt and pepper and red chili flakes and then this will just go in there and then the salad dressing that I like is this one that I just make at home it is apple cider vinegar lemon juice and olive oil and salt and pepper I just put it into this salad dressing shaker and then you just open it up and pour on top


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