Amazing And Thrilling Things To Do In Slovenia

Amazing and Thrilling Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is the famous country and many travelers come to visit this amazing place. It has store of activities and attractions. There are lots of places that make this country the adventure capital of Eastern Europe. This small country is gaining popularity rapidly due to historical towns, dramatic landscapes, inviting people and delicious cuisine.

 Slovenia is also known as country for adventure and thrilling activities due to its bountiful and unique natural wonders. This is one of the best countries to visit for adventure seekers. People love to visit this place due to minimal crowd, reasonable price and many more reasons.



Here in this guide, we have listed some most visited spot of Slovenia, Have a look below:

Lake Bled

This is one of the amazing destinations of country and people run around and swim in this lake. It offers picturesque and iconic view due to image of church in middle of Lake Bled.

Triglav National Park

This is located in the Julian Alps and it is the only national park in this country. This national park was named after Triglav the highest mountain in this country. It offers many beginners guide tours and hikes. Advanced hikers can use three ascent routes to the summit of Triglav. Prag route is very popular but you need climbing experience to reach there. This national park provides many activities hiking and kayaking. You can enjoy natural sights, unique and beautiful landscapes here.

Soca Valley

This is a paradise for active lifestyle lovers and adventure seekers.  This valley looks breathtakingly amazing when you look deep white water while rafting down the Soca River.  You can also enjoy lots of things like zip lining or hiking in the valley apart from white water rafting. If none of these activities inspire you, then look for more amazing and adventurous activities such as, paragliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, bouldering, horseback riding, mountain biking Slovenia and many more.


Slovenia Adventure Holidays can be amazing by visiting all the lovely places. Don’t forget to enjoy Slovenia trekking and biking in Slovenia as you can’t afford to miss these thrilling activities to make your trip experience amazing.


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