Confederate Flags For Sale

Confederate flags for sale

The word “Confederate” means “United”. From 1861 to 1865, USA was named as Confederate States of America. It was during this period when Confederate flag came into existence. The first Confederate flag was designed in 1861. They were used in American Civil War. These flags were also termed as Rebel flags as they were used to express protest. These flags played a great role in American Civil war. The war was for the demand of equal civil rights for Afro-Americans.

But the use of these Confederate flags continued even after the American Civil war ended. There were many other flags designed using the basic design of Confederate flags. These flags are displayed at various places of public gathering such as cities, states, towns and counties, schools, colleges, etc. The flag has great significance during the war as it represented the Confederate side and the cultivated the spirit of unity.

Confederate flags or Rebel flags are still in use in USA. There are so many flags that were designed during The American Civil War. Below is the list of various flags:

Rebel Flag

The Confederate 1st National flag with seven stars

The Confederate 1st National flag with nine stars

The Confederate 1st National flag with eleven stars

The Confederate 1st National flag with thirteen stars

The Confederate 2ndNational flag

The Confederate 3rdNational flag

These flags are still in use and many flag stores have Confederate flags for sale, Rebel flags for sale and various other wide varieties of flags. You can also buy Confederate flag online. These flags are mainly made of polyester and nylon which is super knit and thereby making these flags durable. These Nylon and Polyester flags are mostly to be used for outdoors. However, there are flags available for indoors as well. The main components of these flag designs are stars and bars.

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