Causes And Effects Of Soil Pollution

Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution

Pollution is the major problem of people as it affects our ecosystem adversely and also affects the health of animals and human beings. Water pollution and soil pollution have increases at large extent in last few years.


 Soil pollution or contamination is caused by presence of chemicals and other pollutants in soil environment. These chemicals or contaminants may produce due to improper waste disposal, agricultural chemicals, industrial activities, nuclear waste, electronic waste, coal ash, road debris, industrial accidents and many more human activities. Some common chemicals that cause soil pollutions include solvent pesticides, petroleum and polynuclear hydrocarbons, lead and many other heavy metals. Soil contamination is related with intensity of chemical usage and degree of industrialization. Contaminates soil affects human health.


 Increasing use of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers can be the main cause of soil pollutions. These contaminants increase the salinity of soil. These pesticides cause soil to lose fertility and loss of minerals present in the soil. Many other types of soil pollutants arise from radioactive fallout, rupture of underground tank, discharge of industrial waste directly in soil, acid rains, improper septic system, Soil Pollution by Sewage, harmful irrigation practices, leakage from sanitary sewage, improper waste management techniques and many more. Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage is very common.


 Soil pollution can be harmful for both human and environment. It can affect our ecosystem, plants and animals. Adverse affects come from direct contact with contaminates soil and other sources that come in contact with contaminates soil such as water or food. Regular exposure to polluted soil may cause cancer, headache, skin rash, eye irritation and many more health issues. There are lots of clean up options are available to make soil pollution free including soil aeration, mycoremediation, phytoremediation and many more.



Aerial thermographic surveys help agencies and municipalities to find out the source of soil pollution or illegal pollutant discharge. They employ various survey methods to discover main cause of pollution that contaminate the water or soil. They use many survey techniques such as multi-band infrared platforms, aerial and many more.  You need to keep your environment clean to make it fit to live.


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