Look For Comfortable And Spacious Accommodation

Look For Comfortable And Spacious Accommodation

Most of people, who are on business trips, look for comfortable and spacious accommodation. Hotel rooms are comfortable though, but they are not that spacious. There is a new concept of accommodation that is trending nowadays. It is the concept of serviced apartments. While enquiring about users’ feedback on serviced apartment it was discovered that almost all of them found it suitable and comfortable. Let us see how these service apartments are better than a hotel room.

An ample space foe self-catering

In serviced apartments, you are provided with a well equipped and spacious kitchen. You can cook a healthy meal for you, whenever you want. You will not have to forcefully consume that oily and expensive food served in hotel restaurant. You can cook whatever you wish to have. This helps you n having a low cost meal and that too of your choice.

Apart from this, you can also carry your papers or laptop while having meal, as you are provided with wide and spacious dining table. This is not possible while having meal at hotel restaurant. The tables of restaurant does not provide enough space to accommodate your laptop or papers along with the ornamental and extra large food containers. Whereas, in serviced apartment, you can have only relevant utensils and your documents, on the dining table.

It is a lot more than a small room having small and tiny equipments.

Hotel rooms are not that spacious to accommodate full sized equipments. But in order to provide facilities to clients, they install small sized equipments in the room. However, most of people do not find these small equipments fulfilling their requirements. For example, the mini bar in hotel room. Though, it provides a facility of a refrigerator, but still it cannot be used to store large bottles or big ice-cream cakes. Moreover, the items in the mini bar are chargeable and cost a lot more than the actual price.

This is not the case in serviced apartments. You get a full sized refrigerator. You can store all your stuff and that too in a sufficient quantity. You store a week’s stock in the refrigerator along with your large wine bottles.

No need to Check-in and Check-out if you are returning after a day o two.

Business tours may last for days and weeks. While you are on a business trip that is going to last for few weeks, you can visit your home during weekends and get back to your serviced apartment on next working day. You need not to stand in long queues for checking-in as you might have to do if you were in a hotel room.

You can lock up your documents and clothes in cupboard for a weekend. And, use once you are back. It is almost your home.

Sufficient space to work and relax

You get a separate bed room, living room and dining space. While you are at work and want o attend your clients, you may use the spacious and well furnished living room. This will save your cost of hiring expensive conference rooms in hotels.

In case, you want to relax, you can use the spacious and private bedroom.

No need to call various hotels for tariff comparison

While looking out for a service accommodation, you need not to call various hotels and enquire about their tariffs. All you have t do is just give call to Select Serviced Apartments team and they will take care of the rest. They will take ownership of all your requirements and necessities. You can also invite your family or friends if you are staying for long.

So, need not to look for any hotel rooms which are expensive yet uncomfortable. You should try Select Serviced apartments located in prime locations of the city and near corporate hubs. We guarantee you a quality time and extra-ordinary services.


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