Natural And Organic Lipstick Market Outlook To 2024 Explored In Latest Research


Natural and Organic Lipstick Market outlook to 2024 explored in latest research

Globally the natural and organic lipsticks market share as one of the fastest growing lip cosmetics is estimated to escalate at a higher growth rate which is supported by the rising mass consumers demand for allergen free natural products. Increasing awareness and changing trends in the cosmetic industries has led to consumer’s inclination towards unconventional organic products which also has a positive impact on this market. Increasing beauty-consciousness among the population is also one of the key drivers for natural and organic lipstick market.

All these factors will contribute to the calculated CAGR of 6.5% of natural and organic lipsticks market during 2017-2023.

The increasing sale of natural and organic lipsticks is driven by rising demand for chemical free luxury cosmetics. Presence of non-toxic ingredients in the natural and organic lipsticks is supporting the sale of the product in the global market. Increasing disposable income and economy development is also found to fuel up the market demand of natural lipsticks as consumers now have high preference for quality cosmetics products. In addition, various formulation and varieties in natural and organic lipsticks range is evaluated to attract mass consumers towards the product line, thereby, increasing its market share globally. All these factors contribute to a high market share of the product in North America and is anticipated to generate high revenue from other regions during the forecast period.

Natural and Organic Lipstick Market Segmentation:

Global natural and organic lipsticks market is segmented by From, Formulation, Distribution Channel and Region.

Natural and Organic Lipstick Market Downstream Analysis:

Share of stick form of natural and organic lipsticks holds a lions’ share in the global market owing to high shelf-life of the product. Cream lipsticks-based formulation of natural and organic lipsticks is growing at significant rate based on high consumers demand for easy application based lipsticks providing high moisturizing effect.

Sale of Natural and Organic Lipsticks through supermarkets and hypermarkets is found to be high on a global level. This is due to consumer convenience and preference for one-stop shopping experience. In addition, based on the adoption of advanced technology by the consumers into their daily routine and convenience shopping experience, the sale of Natural and Organic Lipsticks through e-commerce is found to escalate at a positive growth rate.

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Natural and Organic Lipstick Market Key Players and Competitive Analysis:

The major key players in Natural and Organic Lipsticks market are

  • Lotus Herbals Limited (India)
  • Beautycounter (U.S.)
  • Nudus Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Lippy Girl Makep Ltd (Canada)
  • Vapour Organic Beauty (U.S.)
  • Ecco Bella (U.S.)
  • W3ll People (U.S.)

Natural and Organic Lipsticks manufacturers across various regions follow the strategy of improving their existing product line by adding innovations for their business expansion. Due to this the demand for natural and organic lipsticks is increasing across various countries. In North America, U.S. is among the dominating countries holding a major share in natural and organic lipsticks market and exports the product in various other countries which include U.K., Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, and others.

Natural and Organic Lipstick Market Regional Analysis:

The global natural and organic lipsticks market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world (RoW). North America holds a major market share followed by Europe. High fashion awareness and increased demand for lip care cosmetics from the developed countries of these regions is contributing to the growth of natural and organic lipsticks market. U.K., U.S., Germany, China, and Canada are the major importers of natural and organic lipsticks.


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