What Is Software ?


What Is Software ?

Every electronic computer (computers, phones, etc.) works thanks to the software. All computer programs are called software. There are two types: system software and application (user). Software is an integral part of all computers. All you do on your computer is through the use of software, whether you are watching a movie through a video player, listening to music, surfing the Internet, processing documents or playing games, etc., all of this is software. Software is the opposite of hardware. Hardware is the physical component of a computer. The software is used to manage the hardware. They are both directly related. If one is gone, then there will be no computers.

The software includes all computer programs, whether we use them or the computer system. This includes executables, libraries, scripts and so on. Generally speaking, software is a combination of codes that are a kind of instruction. When an instruction is triggered, it tells the hardware what to do. The software is stored in the computer memory. It's just an illustration, a 3D model, or something that helps us work with the computer.

At the lowest level, software is a combination of machine language that instructs hardware on your computer. Mostly it's about the processor. Machine language includes binary values, processor instructions, etc. They change the state of the computer at work. For example, an instruction might change the value of a specific location in your computer's hard disk. The effect is not directly accessible to us. The processor processes the instruction and sends it to the hard disk. He does things in the order they are given. He may be instructed to skip a step.

The software we use is written in high-level programming languages. They are easier and more efficient for people to use. Their language is closer to natural than machine language. High-level languages ​​are compiled or implemented into machine language. Software can be written in a low level assembly language. In essence, it is a representation of machine language in an alphabet-like manner. Assembling languages ​​are converted to object code by assemblers.

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