Bed Bug Removal & Control – Pest Control Services


Bed Bug Removal & Control – Pest Control Services

Identification of Bed bug and its removal

Bed bugs are very annoying creature. They may found in carpets, furniture and electrical outlets also. Insect debris can identify the presence of bed bugs in a mattress and sheet. You must immediately call to the pest control services to remove them. Bed bugs grow very fast and they become twice to their weight when fed by their host. After becoming over weight they become still and motionless and hibernate themselves hiding for the long time.


It is very difficult to kill bed bugs because they are so tiny in size and have flat body shape. Their body shape makes them easier to hide themselves at the place with hard to reach. They can stay longer without food. And they can stay alive more than 550 days for long without having feed. So if you think that you can leave them strive and kill them this way it is of no use.

How to identify bed bugs:

All bugs are not bed bugs there are some characteristics that separate bed bugs from other bugs. Adult Bed bugs are brown with flat oval-shaped body. Young bed bugs are called nymphs they are smaller and have whitish yellow; they can be seen with naked eye. They are divided in three segments wings, antenna and golden-colored hairs. Their eggs are very tiny as they look like salt sprinkled.

Avoid bed bugs during travel:

Bed bugs can be avoided during travel while staying in hotel rooms. Do not put your luggage straight away in the closet of the hotel room. First of all check whether there is any bed bugs present in the room or not, use the flash light of your mobile phone and check the corners of the closet and check bed and back of the bed also mattress. This care and prior check can prevent you from bringing pests such as bed bugs to their new place, your home!

So it becomes difficult to remove them at home. Due to this difficulty to remove pests at your own, there are many services provided in pest removal services to get rid of bed bugs from your home. So using pest control pesticides may cause serious damage to one’s health and property. There can be respiratory problems caused by the devices and medicines used in bed bug removal. There are many extreme methods including vacuuming and steaming treatment. Professional and expertise treat the bed bug services thoroughly.

Another reason in facing difficulties for their removal is the survival in intensive temperature. Bed bugs can survive from the hot to freezing cold temperature 50℃/122℃ unless highly trained professionals are hired to get rid of bed bugs.

There are following bed bug treatments are used in Mississauga during bed bugs removal.

  1. Thermal Heat Treatment

In Thermal Heat treatment, home is put on heating. All the bed bug removal sprays are not effective so the most effective thing of removing them is high temperature. Portable commercial heaters with high speed fans are used at 130F for the suitable time length to kill bed bugs. Heat reaches in every crack and corner even into thread of the carpet. For the preparation of thermal heat treatment, take everything off the wall at least 3 feet away. All wall hanging equipments should remove from the wall as it can blow off due to fans. All electronics such as LCD Monitor, computers, CDs and DVDs should removed from the room. Carpets and area rugs must be rolled to allow the heat treatment equipment fits in the room.

  1. Steam Treatment

Steam through vacuum is applied in the sensitization process. Steam is applied in bed, furniture and couches. Vacuum through steam is also used in chairs nightstands, dressers and coffee tables. To prepare for the steam treatment, first of all remove bed sheets and stuffed animals empty the dress drawers also remove all stuff under the beds and below closets. Leave everything empty till four hours after steam application.

  1. Residual Spray Pesticide

Spray is used in cracks and holes to exterminate bed bugs. Since we apply the spray in cracks where the bed bugs so the dried residues have chances of better killing. Synthetic Chemical intestacies that act like Pyrethroids are used in Spraying.


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Bed Bug Removal & Control – Pest Control Services

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