Dyschezia – How To Help Newborn Poop


Dyschezia – How To Help Newborn Poop

Dyschezia is also known as false constipation. Dyschezia is sound like a scary health-related condition for the newborn baby. But it’s not a serious health condition.

It is a normal and very common problem for newborn babies. If you want to know about the dyschezia and if you also want to know how to help newborn poop?

Then keep reading this blog, because in this blog I will tell you how to get a newborn to poop?

What Is Dyschezia?

The parents who have newborns babies, then they have seen their child go through these stages. The Dyschezia is referring to excessive stools straining.

It is the most common problem of the newborns’ babies and the subtle difficulty for the toddlers to being toilet trained.

Having a soft bowel movement then it’s mean your newborn is suffering from the Dyschezia. The main difference between constipation and dyschezia is.

The stool is soft during the dyschezia. When the baby is crying for 20 or 30 minutes, then the newborn baby’s face turns red.

This will scream in the pain and after that the defecates, during this baby pass out a soft stool and there is no blood.  

Why Newborn Not Pooping?

If the baby is pooping regularly every day, then it’s a sign that your baby is properly absorbing nutrients and paste the waste material through the stool.

But when your newborn is not popping properly or poop is hard or sometimes a baby has frequent loose stools then it’s mean your baby is suffering from the dyschezia.

The newborn baby is pooping once a day or in the 4 days once.  Here is some cause of why the baby not pooping.

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